Theragun’s Black Friday Sale for 2021 Is Its Best of the Year

Theragun’s Black Friday Sale for 2021 Is Its Best of the Year

by Sue Jones
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Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect the Theragun Cyber Monday 2021 sale—its biggest sale of the year. Through Tuesday, November 30, Therabody is offering up to $200 off its Theragun massage guns, RecoveryAir boots, WaveSeries rollers, and TheraOne topicals and ingestibles. Shop the sale while you still can!

For those in need of relaxation after tough workouts, too much screen time, or stressing over the holidays, good news: It’s officially the Theragun Cyber Monday sale of 2021. 

Yes, running through November 30, Therabody (makers of Theragun) is offering up to $200 off its best-selling percussive massage guns—from the progressional-grade Theragun Pro to the SELF Certified Theragun Elite to the travel-size Theragun Mini. Additionally, you can save up to $300 off its RecoveryAir compressive boots, $50 off its WaveSeries rollers, and 25% off its TheraOne topicals and ingestibles.

Our eyes are on the Theraguns, which are cult favorites amongst fitness pros and celebs like Ashley Graham and Kevin Hart. The original Theragun was invented by chiropractor Jason Wersland, D.C., after a motorcycle accident left him with a herniated disc and back pain. He created this massage gun to manipulate soft tissue with a percussive or hammering movement (versus simple vibration). The Theragun looks a bit like a power drill and rapidly pounds your body at 40 beats per second using what’s called “percussive massage therapy” to reportedly relieve muscle pain. According to experts, Theraguns can be used the same way as a foam roller or massage ball to work out muscle kinks, but the force it produces may actually help you reach even deeper muscle groups. 

When our senior fitness editor extensively tested the Theragun Elite, she gave it a great review, saying: “It delivers on reducing stiffness and improving mobility, allowing me to continue working out at the frequency and intensity that I do. It’s a great product, and I think the soreness-reducing benefits will continue to get better with it as I get more comfortable with how it feels.” She also added that the percussive therapy device was useful for non-workout activities too, like kneading out knots from sitting hunched over a laptop. 

The various massage gun models come at a steep price and rarely go on sale—which is why it’s so exciting to see Cyber Monday deals on the Theragun. These are easily the best discounts you’ll see during the year, so we recommend scooping them up while you have the chance. Theraguns are a great gift for fitness enthusiasts (ahem, holiday season!), and massage is also a wonderful form of self-care.

From the Theragun Mini to Wave smart vibrating rollers, below we’ve rounded up some of the top Therabody products on Cyber Monday sale. Just make sure to check out by November 30 (and preferably before then, while supplies last).

Theragun Elite Massage Device In Black


Theragun Elite

This handheld percussive therapy device uses amplitude (depth), frequency (speed), and torque (force) to reach deep into your muscles to increase blood flow and decrease soreness and stiffness. It helped me move better after tough workouts, and also released tension in my shoulders after leaning over a laptop all day.

Theragun Mini Massager In Black On White Background


Theragun Mini

Here’s a handheld, pocket-sized percussive massaging device that’s extra portable for soothing on-the-go.

Theragun Prime Massage Device In Black


Theragun Prime

This ergonomic percussive device boasts a 120-minute battery life and five built-in speeds.

Theragun Wave Roller In Black


Theragun Wave Roller Smart Foam Roller

Theragun’s first foam roller is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to coordinate intensity speeds with your phone.

Theragun Pro In Black


Theragun Pro

This powerful tool uses percussive technology and an ergonomic design to help release deep muscle knots and cramps.

Theraone Sleep Cbd Tincture And Free Topicals Set With Black Box


TheraOne Sleep CBD Tincture and Free Topicals

Therabody Recoveryair System In Gray


Therabody RecoveryAir System

Using pneumatic compression, these boots each compress the leg to increase circulation and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.


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