This Mod Brings Fall Guys’ Lil’ Jelly Beans To Skyrim


If you’re getting caught up in Fall Guys mania but want to bring it into a game that’s a little easier to win, this Skyrim mod is for you. As picked up by PC Gamer, the Fall Guys Followers mod adds a bunch of the game’s little jelly bean characters (and one really big one) to follow your dragonborn around and help them in battle.

As you can see in the mod’s trailer, the Fall Guys seem pretty good in battle, plus you can craft little sweet roll hats or guards helmets for them. The mod’s creator built the assets from scratch rather than using official Fall Guys materials, and it looks like they did a pretty good job of it.

The Skyrim Special Edition mod can be found at Nexus Mods or for Xbox One, and requires the Dragonborn DLC to run–once you have it installed, you just have to go and pick up these little fellas at Whitewatch Tower so they can join your party.

Skyrim isn’t the only game that’s had a Fall Guys crossover since the game released to record-breaking popularity–another fantasy mash-up has seen the Fall Guys added to D&D as a playable race called “Fallen Beans.”

Written by Jaron Johnson, the creator of D&D parody Monsters of Murka, the Fallen Beans are sure to spice up many a homebrew campaign.

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