This video explains how to mod your iPhone to feature a USB-C port

This video explains how to mod your iPhone to feature a USB-C port

by Lily White
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Note that modding your iPhone in any capacity will void its warranty


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Ken Pillonel’s ‘World’s First USB-C’ iPhone video has been doing rounds. And why wouldn’t it? Pillonel added a working USB-C port to the iPhone X, an addition that a lot of iPhone users have been longing for.

While the procedure isn’t something that the average user will be able to handle themself given Pillonel has a Master’s degree in robotics and knows what he’s doing, he has released a second video detailing the process and how you can attempt to turn your iPhone into a UBS-C device.

The 13-minute video walks you through the entire process, from proof of concept to getting the components and parts ready. Pillonel has also released the open-source project on Github and is now auctioning off the original USB-C iPhone he modified on eBay. At the time of writing, the listing has already has a $4,950 ($6,145 CAD) current bid.

The open-source initiative will help others expand on Pillonel’s efforts, whether by creating unique USB-C iPhone X versions or applying the same concept to other iPhones models. It’s worth noting that even with the walkthrough video and the project being available on Github, the process isn’t easy and requires a level of expertise.

Further, any unauthorized modifications will void the warranty on your iPhone. With that being said, Pillonel intends to improve the USB-C iPhone design in the future, with ambitions to support faster charging, waterproofing and possibly compatibility with USB-C accessories.

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