TikTok is testing a dislike comments button

TikTok is testing a dislike comments button

by Lily White
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TikTok is testing a way for users to dislike comments to help people feel more in control of the content they’re viewing.

The company unveiled this information in its most recent community guidelines that track how it’s enforcing its safety guidelines.

Tiktok dislike comment button just make it looks messy I think pic.twitter.com/bBNEk6QsXY

— yazz🌵 (@iniyaspip) March 14, 2022

Some users taking part in the test have shared their screenshots of the thumbs down button. The button appears next to the heart in the comment section. As of right now, it seems like dislikes counters aren’t visible the same way likes are.

“We’ve started testing a way to let individuals identify comments they believe to be irrelevant or inappropriate,” the social media platform states.

YouTube recently hid the dislike count across its platform.

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