Tips and Ideas For Clay Sculpting Tasks



The art of using clay to mold things is very old. Clay sculpting is generally a very simple procedure. Many people do it at home as a form of leisure time hobby. Other people make sculptures like professionals for commercial purposes. If you want to use your arty skills, clay sculpture art is much better, and it is adaptable. On the contrary, drawing and painting is much more difficult, and talent specific than molding. Thus, you should try clay molding to enter the art world. Like every other thing you do, clay modeling needs a plan. The following tips and guidelines will help you as you start.

• Set a goal – Before you can go to the step of buying tools and materials, think about how far you want to go as a sculptor. Perhaps you want to remain a hobbyist or to become a professional. Could it be you want to develop you kids’ sculpting skills? Simply come up with a purpose or a goal for sculpting.

• Look for clay materials – If you are new in this field, chances are that you know that clay is the main material to use. On the other hand, you may not know the best type of clay to use. Polymer clay is the best type, if compared to other types. You can find it both in serious art shops, and in hobby art stores. The key advantage of using polymer is the ease of baking it at home. Normally, you need to heat it in the kiln at about 275 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this will depend on the sculpture size. The other types of natural clay include the stoneware, terra cotta, and earthenware. Natural clays are in other words, the water-based clays. On the other hand, polymer clay is synthetic. It means that you could alter polymer clay to look like a stone or metal. It is the simplest type to use for clay sculpting

• Search for tools – If you use polymer clay, you have to buy special tools. These include a sand paper, acrylic paint and a clear gloss. You need tools such as wires, spoons, scrapers, bowls, a stand and so on. This explains why this clay type is the best because it is easy to use. The clay cutting tools are normally in wire forms. To create beautiful details on the sculptures, you need to buy a couple of detailing tools. You, too, need a good kiln, as you work with most natural clays.

• Get your hands dirty – One of the things you have to be used to would be dirt when working with clay. You will be using your hands often when preparing the clay, and molding things with it. The other thing you should know is the item you want to sculpture using clay.

• Finish your sculpting task – The finishing tips are many. However, you should depend on your personal creativity. In addition, the type of finishing will depend upon the choice of clay, and the sculpture you decide to make with it. Make sure the sculpture surfaces look good, by sanding thoroughly.

You may have to practice clay sculpting for sometime before making an item that other people and you admire a lot.



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