Today’s Wordle Answer (#295)

Today’s Wordle Answer (#295)

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Hey fellow Wordle fans, today is April 12 and you’re probably here looking for today’s Wordle answer. While Wordle will send you hunting for what today’s answer could possibly be, I’m here to lend you all a particularly helping hand. Tell you what, I’ll even give you the word, that way you can fill it in on the first guess and feel on top of the world knowing you kept your streak and nailed it in one shot–with a bit of help, admittedly. After all, the second-best feeling after getting the correct word is sharing online how few tries it took you to get there.

Before I go right on ahead and give you today’s answer though, have you given today’s puzzle a fair shake? We’ve got a guide on the best Wordle starting words and tips you can use to get a nice advantage while playing. I have my own starting word that I typically use, and while most days it turns up one or two hits, it put in a lot of work on today’s word and helped me get it in three shots. Would’ve been two if I’d gone with my initial guess, honestly. Starting words are powerful, y’all, don’t sleep on them.

Today’s Wordle answer – April 12

You can scroll to the end if you just want today’s answer, but why not use a few hints first?

  • Hint 1: Today’s word is almost part of one of the biggest genres in video games right now. Just one letter shy of it, honestly. That might sound a little weird, but it’s simpler than you think. You’ve got this.
  • Hint 2: Today’s word is in the title of a game that Gamespot gave a 10 when we reviewed it! While that makes for quite a few games to look through, it also narrows things down quite a bit.

Still not sure, what today’s word is? Alright, well if you’ve stuck it out this long, I guess you just want the answer straight up. The answer for April 12’s Wordle (#295) is…ROYAL. Yes, as in Persona 5 Royal or battle royale! Come back tomorrow as we’ll have another round of Wordle hints–and the all-important answer–waiting for you.

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