Top Six Challenges Faced By Medical Assistants

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There is no perfect job. Even CEOs of major multinational corporations in the country are encountering problems in their businesses each day. What more if you are dealing with lives. For sure, even if you are one of the most skilled workers in the hospital, you will still face adversities and difficulties in your job.

Today the role of medical assistants is becoming dynamic. Aside from their administrative duties, they also work hand in hand with doctors, dietitians, nurses and patients as well. They make sure that everything is running smoothly. Although, they try their best to make sure that everything is in order, there are still instances where they face certain challenges in their job, here are some of them:

Challenging Patients
In a regular shift, they can meet various people with different personalities. Patients may come from different backgrounds, ethnic groups and nationalism. Surely, the day will not end without meeting one challenging patient who does nothing but complain. These patients can vary from an old granny who is complaining about her back all day long to a new mom who can not wait to see her child's pediatrician. Conversely, even if that patient is the most challenging person there is in the clinic, the medical staff and that includes the medical assistant must maintain their professionalism and show patience and kindness to all at all times.

Good communication skill is one of the most important characteristics of medical assistants. Since they are the ones who constantly communicates with doctors, nurses and patients, they must know how to deliver the message in the most accurate and accurate way possible. Aside from vocal communication, they are generally in charge of other administrative tasks and they need to make sure that all their writings and notes are readable.

Working Late Or During Holidays
During emerging, they must be flexible to work longer hours, Sometimes they have to report on duty even if it is a holiday.

Emotional Attachment
When working in a hospital, health care providers must be professional at all times. They need to avoid personal and emotional attachment as not to cloud their decisions. On the other hand, if you are dealing with lives, it is impossible not get affected when someone dies from a terrible disease especially if that person has been in the hospital for more than a month.

Hitting The Ego
Since the roles of medical assistants are so diverse, they are often mistaken as nurses. They are faced with the trouble of explaining their roles to others. They have to clearly and patiently stretch the fact that they are not nurses. This is sometimes a very awkward situation to be into.

Stressful Work Environment
The hospital is a very unpredictable work setting. There are instances wherein the volume of patients are just average and there are times wherein it is so overwhelming. When there are so many patients to cater to, they need to stay in focus. They should not let the situation overcome them or else they will not be able to perform their job well.

The things mentioned above are some of the common challenges faced by medical assistants and for sure by other health care providers as well. Being a health care provider is not an easy task. People deem highly of doctors, nurses, medical assistants and other hospital employees. People trust that their health is in good hands. Since people are going to hospitals and clinics every day to seek medical assistance and to improve their lives, it is important to avoid errors by staying focused and organized at all times.


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