Trailer Expanded Psychic Tarot Reading for the New Year of 2018 + January by Pam Georgel


Happy New Year of 2018! In these videos I am doing 5 Card – Psychic Tarot Readings for The New Year of 2018 for Each Zodiac Sign, to give you further psychic predictions and messages to expand and continue on from the Psychic Tarot Readings for the New Year of 2018 that I’ve posted to my YouTube Channel “Pamela Georgel.” Here in my Vimeo readings, I am using the Aquarian Tarot Deck. I pulled one tarot card for each quarter of the year, plus a 5th card just for the month of January, 2018. I hope these Psychic Tarot Readings, will be insightful, and helpful to you in this New Year of 2018, and give you a good overview of what’s to come for your Zodiac signs in this New Year. I wish you a very blessed and Happy New Year of 2018! Peace and Blessings! Pam ~The Lucky Mermaid LLC

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