Twitter Spaces hosts can now share the moderating burden with up to two co-hosts


Twitter Spaces can now have one host, two co-hosts, and up to 10 speakers

The underwhelming response that Fleets received and their subsequent removal from Twitter hasn’t slowed the Twitter devs down.

Twitter is now improving ‘Spaces’ to allow hosts to assign up to two co-hosts to their social audio rooms, making it easier for hosts to manage and monitor discussions. Co-hosts have nearly all of the same moderation and management freedom as the main host. Co-hosts can speak, invite other members to speak, kick people out of the room, pin tweets, and more.

making it easier to manage your Space…introducing co-hosting!

– hosts have two co-host invites they can send
– the table just got bigger: 1 host, 2 co-hosts, and 10 speakers
– co-hosts can help invite speakers, manage requests, remove participants, pin Tweets and more!

— Spaces (@TwitterSpaces) August 5, 2021

However, only the original, primary host has the ability to end a Space and invite or remove additional users as co-hosts, which means a co-host cannot invite another co-host.

The new feature is already being rolled out and should aid hosts in keeping Spaces under control, particularly for big-group discussions.

Also worth noting is that Spaces will now reside on the top bar of your feed since Fleets have been evicted.

Image credit: @TwitterSpaces

Source: @TwitterSpaces

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