While the Uncharted movie largely charts its own path with an original story different to Naughty Dog’s game series, there are a handful of easter eggs and game references for eagle-eyed fans to keep a lookout for. And not only that, but it ends with a post-credits sting that teases a sequel that might actually follow the games a lot more closely.

Adam Mason

In the post-credits scene we see Nathan Drake and Sully meet with a shady-looking, eyepatch-sporting Pilou Asbaek, and they’re discussing their potential next big job, which Sully says could be the big one. There’s mention of a Nazi treasure map and another character simply called Roman – both of which are pretty solid references to the very first game in the franchise, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

In that game, Nate, Sully and Elena Fisher – Nate’s future wife – search for the lost treasure of El Dorado, and encounter – among other things – a Nazi U-boat in the jungle, as well as a German U-boat station in a race against rival treasure hunter, Gabriel Roman – potentially the Roman who’s namechecked in this scene.

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