Unit 7: Vocabulary Answers Level C



There are practical test given online to practice ones vocabulary. The test has different levels and each level has fifteen (15) units with twenty (20) questions each. Most of the tests given are multiple choices except for the spelling practice. This test can help a person to broaden his vocabulary and teach him the proper way to pronounce and spell a word. Searching online you can see vocabulary answers level c, you can use this to check on how well you did in your vocabulary test.

Doing the online test on vocabulary is one intelligent game; you are not just having fun playing and answering but gaining knowledge as well. There are several questions going around the internet asking where to find vocabulary answers level c unit 7. Here are some of the answer on learning definitions; exotic – A, excise – C, parry – D, stance – E and, acme – E. Here are the answers for level c unit 7 synonyms, 1 tawdry, 2 turncoat, 3 convey, 4 jaunty, 5 revenge, 6 exotic, 7 waver, 8 haggard, 9 stance, 10 menial, 11 doctrine, 12 parry, 13 unassuming, 14 predatory, 15 excise, 16 attribute, 17 wallow, 18 juncture, 19 acme and, 20 belittle. These are just some of the answers of the said exam. You have to be aware of the questions because they sometimes give it in a different order.

Study and research will still give you the most accurate vocabulary answers level c; these are just helpful tips on how to make your work easier. Research is the best way to study and gain knowledge. Searching online is the best and fastest way to do research. There are forums on which you can join and ask any questions, members there are more than willing to answer any of your query.



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