Unusual Sports to get Involved With


If you’re a bit untraditional then you might be looking for a sport that’s a bit unusual. We’re here to tell you about some of the unconventional sports that are proving popular today. Check out some of our favourite options.


This is a big sport in certain parts of Europe, but it’s not so popular elsewhere. The idea of the game is a mash up between traditional football and a beach or indoor sport. This is a great way to enjoy a twist on a very traditional game. If you’re a football nut or you just want to try out futsal, then all you need is a ball and a few friends.

This is a lot different to the game of football and many players actually find it more difficult. You have less space to manoeuvre in and this means that you have to get creative with your footwork. You only need a total of ten people to create two teams, so it makes a great office day out!

Underwater Hockey

If you love following and playing hockey, but want to play with a bit of a twist then underwater hockey is a great way to play. This is actually most useful for those that can’t play the high intensity, more taxing version of the game. If you’ve had a bit of muscle strain but still want to be active, then this is a good alternative.

Instead of hockey sticks, you have an ergonomically designed scoop, which is how you bat the ball around. It’s a team game but you could play it with as little as two people if you wanted to.


There are so many ways to kayak and great destinations for doing so, it really is whatever you make of it. You can go in for the intensive speed kayaking, or opt for a more relaxing journey with some sightseeing. There are loads of guides out there for kayaking around countries with a lot of flowing water, so you can even make it a bit of a tourist trip.

If you’re new to the sport, then you might not want to invest a lot in equipment. Just be selective and know when to splash out. To get you started, the top inflatable kayaks of 2018 can be found here which are worth looking at if you want something more affordable.

Dog Surfing

If you love water sports and want to bring a canine companion along on your travels, then you can kit them out too. Doggy life vests and restraints can be used to bring your fluffy friend out surfing with you.

The reception of this hobby depends on the personality of the dog, however many of them seem to enjoy catching a few waves. You might want to try out surfing individually first, without the additional strain of the dog to deal with too.

We hope that we’ve inspired you with some cool sports to try out! Just think about which one you might want to pursue and make it happen for some interesting results.


By Nina Mosely

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