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With Unity Game Engine you can make real-time 3D projects for games, animation, film, automotive, transportation, architecture, engineering, manufacturing and construction. Unity also includes powerful new tools, such as Timeline and Cinemachine, empower artists to create cinematic content and gameplay sequences without the need of an engineer. Creators can now spend more time doing, less time queueing.

Unity Personal

For beginners, students and hobbyists who want to explore and get started with Unity. Completely free — no royalties, no credit card required. You fully own any content you create

Everything you need to get started

Unity Personal is a great place for beginners and hobbyists to get started. It includes access to all core game engine features, continuous updates, beta releases, and all publishing platforms.

Start creating

Move efficiently from prototyping to full production with a truly flexible editor and intuitive workflows supported by tons of tutorials and ready-made assets to guide your learning and development.

Work with the latest

Continuous updates allow you to develop with all the latest and most advanced features for high-end visuals, audio, animation, physics — everything you need to make any kind of game.

Build for all audiences

Target more devices more easily — with Unity, you can build once and deploy to the largest range of mobile, VR, desktop, Web, Console and TV platforms in the industry with a single click.

What’s New:


  • Asset Import: It is now possible to control the execution order of AssetPostprocessor.OnPostprocessAllAssets by defining the dependencies using the attributes RunAfterClassAttribute, RunBeforeClassAttribute, RunAfterAssemblyAttribute, RunBeforeAssemblyAttribute, RunAfterPackageAttribute and RunBeforePackageAttribute.
  • Serialization: Improved the use of SerializationCache.
  • Shaders: Shader binary compression is now utilizing more than one core. (1375627)


  • 2D: Fixed a 2D URP Template Global Light with shadow settings enabled issue that was breaking batching.
  • 2D: Fixed an issue where Tilemap.SetTiles was not setting a default color of White for the set Tiles. (1380847)
  • Android: Fixed an issue were Touches were not registered when Samsung S Pen was used to touch screen. (1370814)
  • Android: Fixed an issue where IBeginDragHandler.OnBeginDrag and IDragHandler.OnDrag were triggered when using Samsung S-Pen. (1364109)
  • Android: Fixed an issue where the Stylus input was not treated as a touch rather than mouse in the older input system. (1246579)
  • Android: Fixed ClassNotFoundException errors mentioning classes in com.google.android.play.core.assetpacks package when play.core dependency was not added to the project. (1379427)
  • Android: Fixed leaked Java local reference issue when new Java object was created. (1366122)
  • Editor: Fixed an issue when double clicking on a folder in ActivityWindow the animation with folder name was rendered in a wrong place. (1366893)
  • Editor: Fixed an issue where last opened project was not loaded during license activation in batchmode if no project path was specified explicitly (-createproject, -projectpath, -openfile flags). (1337076)
  • Editor: Fixed an issue where the model preview window did not render UVs due to back face culling being turned on. (1379783)
  • Editor: Remove all usage of Search template since it is a 22.1 feature. This was removed from menus and asset code.
  • GI: Fixed an issue where light probe did not produce valid output when punctual light overlapped it. (1242829)
  • GI: Fixed an issue where setting baked light probe coefficients to an empty array caused a crash. (1342068)
  • GI: Fixed an issue where switching a texture importer to Lightmap type would change the appearance of the texture preview when in Linear color space. (1352673)
  • Graphics: Fixed a D3D12 error that was displayed in the Console Window when using ray payloads smaller than 16 bytes in size in ray tracing shaders.
  • Graphics: Fixed an issue were the correct pass was not set for the current active sub shader. (1307728)
  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where mip map streaming did not work after setting a material with streamable textures on a renderer. (1302707)
  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where there was missing GraphicsBuffer versions of DrawProceduralIndirect script APIs. (1372936)
  • Graphics: Fixed the Mac Metal editor or standalone player sometimes freezing while being resized when Vsync is disabled. (1375973)
  • IL2CPP: Fixed a crash in stack trace building code an when exception was thrown in async methods. (1377750)
  • IL2CPP: Fixed an incorrect exception filter handler on try blocks with multiple catch blocks (1335434)
  • IL2CPP: Fixed an incorrect ordering of some field reads when Smaller (faster) builds were enabled. (1378235)
  • IL2CPP: Fixed the order of operations for Thread Volatile Read and Write. (1373882)
  • Input: Fixed an issue where Windows editor and Windows player would freeze during startup when the new input system was enabled and a USB device with 65535 / 0xffff usages was connected to the computer. (1373945)
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where an extra frame would not be rendered on iOS when “Render Extra Frame on Pause” was enabled in iOS player settings. (1362184)
  • Linux: Fixed an issue where undocking editor windows would cause the entire main window to scroll on Linux. (1359135)
  • Networking: Fixed an issue where UnityWebRequest gave a warning when setting the Accept-Encoding header. (1355007)
  • Profiler: Fixed an issue where Gfx Used and Reserved Memory were not from counters available in release players. The underlying code in memory manager which counts the value was compiled out due to performance reasons and the counter value can not be set. (1339707)
  • Profiler: Remove subscription to counters in native profiler plugins to reduce overhead when platform profiler is attached (1378190)
  • Scene/Game View: Fixed a SceneView Zoom issue across multiple tabs when a mouse wheel was used. (1377063)
  • Scene/Game View: Fixed an issue MonoBehaviour icons were not rendered in Scene View when selected. (1379500)
  • Scene/Game View: Fixed an issue where Component Tools targeting a Tool Context did not displaying correctly in the Tools Overlay.
  • Scripting: Fixed CultureInfo.CurrentCulture setter that was crashing when it was called before ever querying the existing current culture. (1375944)
  • Scripting: Fixed CultureInfo.CurrentCulture throwing an exception on some locales (for instance, en-DE). (1375955)
  • Scripting: Fixed [RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod] in classes both namespaced and nested. (962800)
  • Serialization: Fixed an issue with fields on SerializeReference instances within Prefab losing their override when entering play mode. (1383439)
  • Shaders: Fixed a rare crash when a shader uses more than 128 keywords. (1374696)
  • Shaders: Fixed build failing when a shader from always included list has 1M variants before stripping (1379096)
  • Shaders: Fixed incorrect keyword state used for frame debugger when a shader was compiled asynchronously. (1375713)
  • Shaders: Fixed LocalKeyword.type, LocalKeyword.isOverridable and LocalKeyword.isValid that crashed Unity when called on an unitialized LocalKeyword. (1376999)
  • uGUI: Fixed an issue where the localPosition was validated each time an object was reset. (1367658)
  • UI Toolkit: Fixed a USS variable resolution issue with ScalableImage url. (1383151)
  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue when loading a project that contained a dialog that was embedded in the editor, the dialog’s CreateGUI callback was invoked after the Awake and OnEnable callbacks. (1326173)
  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where DropdownField’s menu would have an offset in runtime under certain hierarchies. (1345802)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed an issue were Application.internetReachability did not correctly detect the internet being unreachable when there was a LAN connection but no way to the actual Internet. (1351079)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed an issue where strong assembly names were removed when building from Unity. (1375938)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed an issue where the Screen.currentResolution.refreshRate did not return the actual screen refresh rate. (1373342)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed packaging app fails with error “Merge failure for shared merged PRI file : error 0x80070490” when building a fat app package for both x64 and ARM64. (1375766)
  • Video: Fixed a crash on MediaEncoder_CUSTOM_Internal_AddFrame_Injected when pushing a frame into MediaEncoder that has been disposed. (1368301)
  • Windows: Fixed an issue where there were missing window resize events when on demand rendering was used. (1324843)
  • XR: Fixed crash on Oculus Quest devices related to foveated rendering. (1382093)

Recent Unity news

  • Unity Game Engine continues to grow

  • The Lord of Rings FX company’s tools will be integrated into the game engine

  • Parsec’s game streaming technology has seen demand from development studios

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