“Warrior” Film To Become A TV Series


Warrior Film To Become A Tv Series

In time for the film’s tenth anniversary, director Gavin O’Connor has revealed he’s working on a TV series adaptation of his sports family drama “Warrior”.

Speaking on The Playlist Podcast to discuss the Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton-led film’s impact, O’Connor announced the new series in the works.

He describes the show as being about four characters – two men, two women – who are competing in an upcoming Sparta MMA tournament. Two are American fighters, one is Irish, and one is a Muslim character from Paris:

“It has the spirit of the movie – it’s dealing with social issues that are important to me. ‘Warrior’ took [an] American working-class reeling from the one-two punch of war and recession. I’m taking my same rage and anger than I’m feeling today about social issues – whether it’s poverty or incarceration or addiction, mental health – and I’m infusing that inside new characters.”

MMA fighter and former Olympian Daniel Cormier will take a leading role in the quartet of fighters, his first foray into acting as a post-fighting career.

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