Watch new footage of Tesla’s Cybertruck in action


Highly anticipated: Despite the proliferation of electric/self-driving/semi-autonomous cars, you wouldn’t exactly describe them as futuristic looking. But one upcoming exception is Tesla’s Cybertruck, which, in keeping with its name, looks like something straight out of Cyberpunk 2077 (on the lowest graphical settings). Now, some new footage of a prototype has landed, raising hype levels surrounding the EV.

The video, tweeted by EV advocate Harsimran Bansal, appears to be an official Tesla promo clip for the Cybertruck. It’s shown driving around city and suburban roads, the worksite of the unfinished Giga Texas plant, and a field, for some reason.

Here you go, head on Cybertruck footage!

— Harsimran Bansal (@harsimranbansal) October 20, 2021

Tesla boss Musk has described the Cybertruck as “like a glitch in the Matrix. Like if Neo had a car.” First revealed in 2019, it will come in single motor RWD, dual-motor AWD, and tri-motor AWD flavors. The vehicle sounds as if it could survive an apocalypse, thanks to its “nearly impenetrable” exterior shell made from “Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structural skin” and “Tesla armor glass.”

As for the sports car performance, the Cybertruck can go from 0-60mph in as little as 2.9 seconds, according to Tesla. It’s also able to travel an incredible 500 miles on a single charge, and we previously heard that prices would start at $39,900.

The sad news for those who have paid the $100 deposit to secure a Cybertruck is that Musk recently told employees it won’t enter production until the end of 2022, with volume production not expected until 2023.

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