Watercolor Canvas – Beauty of a Painting Technology



The word watercolor indicates a painting method.

It is a medium of the painting and art works where paintings get dissolved in water.

The paper is called canvas where people do painting regularly.

Here are some other kinds of water color canvas as under …

1. Papyrus

2. Bark Papers.

3. Plastic.

4. Leather.

5. Fabric Wood.

The watercolor canvas is specifically designed to support paintings, and it can also bear the whole painting process for a long time.

You will find watercolor canvas too too.

You will get different surfaces of watercolor canvas, out of them some rough and some are smooth.

You can also do watercolor painting on a paper, but you will not get the same results between both.

The result you get from watercolor painting on canvas differs in following ways …

– To "stick" watercolor paint layer, you have to paint over it using clear acrylic medium.

– You can easily lift the paint from the layer.

– It will take much time to dry the paint of watercolor on canvas in comparison to other paper sheet paintings.

Here are some advantages of watercolor painting on canvas, let's get down for more details …

1. Lifting Capabilities of Watercolor Canvas

As canvas has more durability in comparison to paper, it has high lifting capabilities than the paper.

In canvas you can cover all the areas with the paintings very easily using a damp brush or moist cloth.

You can also wash out a complete image and again start from zero.

2. Signature Lifting of Watercolor Canvas.

While creating signature on canvas you can easily lift it using clear water with the brush and then blot it.

3. Glazing and Layering.

As watercolor on canvas has some extra lifting capabilities, it is possible that layering or glazing of the color can remove the above color layers.

Therefore, it is required to use some special techniques to do it.

For this you can use transparent paint for glazing, so it will not create any problems.



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