Watercolor Painting – Skills You Require While Painting

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Watercolor paintings have always been in vogue and always have marveled those who have watched them. You must also have some of them which must have given a temptation to you for working on them.

Painting with watercolors is not as an easy task as they seem. They require much practice and also the labor to get in to the techniques used to make out one of the most appealing paintings.

Skills for watercolor painting:

To cope with water colors you need to master some of the skills. These skills can be grouped under two basic categories:

  1. Basic Skills
  2. Advanced skills.

Basic skills:

Basic skills help you get to the base of your painting. This includes the right way to hold the brush and also the basic ways to use watercolor.

The basic skills you need to master are:

  • Flash wash
  • Graded wash
  • Glazed wash
  • Techniques to use wet color in wet color named as wet-in-wet techniques.
  • Dry brush
  • The skill to lift wet color.

The technique which enables you to dry watercolor.

These techniques and skills will help you to get in to the base of the paintings with watercolors. Once you are done with the basics skills you can use advanced skills for the better outcomes of the painting results.

Advanced techniques:

Advanced skills make a way for you to tread towards a painting which can be rated as seven stared. You can use these skills for your masterpiece where and when needed.

Advanced skills are further divisible in to two sub-categories.

  1. Advanced skills 1
  2. Advanced skills 2

Advanced skills 1:

These techniques are used for introducing new textures to your simple paintings. I am feeling the need to mention these techniques to mentor you about them.

Here are the advanced skills 1:

  • Splattering texture and spray texture.
  • Wall decor texture
  • Stamped texture
  • Alcohol texture
  • Salt texture

These techniques provide special looks to your painting. You will enjoy using these techniques in to your painting.

Advanced skills 2:

Some of the even more advanced techniques:

  • Tissue paper texture
  • Plastic wrap texture
  • Use of frisker in your painting
  • Using wax in your painting
  • Color grid exercise, help you master strokes.
  • Using tracing paper in your paintings.

Above are mentioned nearly all of the techniques which are used while painting with watercolors. When you gear up for the watercolor painting don’t forget to remain in touch with some of the basic skills as holding the painting brush and making strokes using your painting brush and gaining knowledge with time regarding light and deep strokes.

You must also keep in mind that your work will only be awe-inspiring if you use all your skills and passion on them. Using skills will only give you a painting but putting your passion and feelings will give you a “masterpiece”.



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