Watercolor Painting – Some Basic Information



There are a large number of painting styles that have been used by artists through the ages, irrespective of their origin. One such painting style, which had been used by artists for ages, is watercolor painting. Though watercolor painting generally is done mainly on a medium like paper, there are many other mediums like plastic, leather, wood and canvas on which such paintings can be created quite easily.

Many studies revealed that Watercolor painting was quite prevalent even in ancient times. However, the Renaissance period is mainly noted by artists, as being the time when many artists used watercolor painting, and helped it to grow as an art form. I have collected several important pieces of information about watercolor painting which I would like to share with my readers, and which they would surely find interesting.

* It is generally thought by many people that watercolor painting is the easiest of all other types of painting methods that are followed by the people. However, it is not the case. In watercolor painting one needs to be careful that the water used for making the painting does not play havoc on the piece of art made. This is never the case if you consider oil painting or acrylic painting.

* Watercolor paintings are not easy to work on, if you are not so good in avoiding mistakes. There are some artists, who make some mistakes and can undo the mistakes by either removing a layer of paint, or by adding a fresh coat of paint. This however cannot be done on a watercolor painting, as it will only hamper the painting. This is why so often people working on a watercolor painting are urged to be extra careful. Any negligence in their part can cost them dearly in their work.

* Traditionally, a watercolor painting could only be done using a brush. Nowadays it is found that people not only use brushes, but also other things that they believe would help them in getting their work done. However, many still blindly follow traditional beliefs.

* One such belief is that the people, who do a watercolor painting, should abstain from using white or black color in their paintings. Some people however give more freedom to it by neglecting the beliefs, and they often come up with a great piece of work, at times even using both the black and white color.

Watercolor painting is a great method of expressing your ideas to the world, using water as a medium. There are a large number of artists, whose beautiful art pieces will prove to you the joy of working on this type of painting. If you still have not tried watercolor painting, do so the sooner the better and experience its joy.



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