Watercolor Painting – Steps to Develop Your Painting Skills



Painting with watercolor is fun but also difficult to master. It's better to learn the basic skills of water color paintings and then move to the complex ones. With this article, we can have a step by step watercolor painting skills.

Step 1 – In the Watercolor Painting to always start with laying a thin wash first. This process is mainly used for painting the background and even for covering larger areas. It can be of one color or one tone, which is called as a flat wash.

You can also use a wash which starts from dark to light color going in the downward direction, which is known as the graded wash.

Step 2 – After you do wet-on-wet technique to create unique effects, put one of the colors down and after put put the next color on the first color, but just take care to do this only after the first color has discharged.

Step 3 – The wet-on-wet effect which you have completed will give your painting a completely different effect. Now the third step will be using a technique which is called wet-on-dry techniques.

Step 4 – Decide on the areas which you intend to keep white. Watercolor paintings are seen through and may be little difficult to work within the beginning. Do not paint on the areas which you want to keep white and always apply a lighter wash to the painting first and then gradually do the darker washes.

Step 5 – Limit yourself in using two to three colors at a time in the beginning. If you wish to add more intense colors add it later on.

Step 6 – Create something as a center of attraction in your painting, like an object. Never place it exactly in the center, place it a little off-center and highlight the object.

Step 7 – Inquire about some free tutorials. There are so many artists who are willing to help the beginners and give them their time. You can also look for free online tutorials by which you can gain extra knowledge, which will help you in your water color painting.

Step 8 – Trust and enjoy the painting you have done. This will build your own-confidence in painting your next projects.



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