Watercolor Painting – The Basic Art of Painting With Colors!



Painting is an art that existed from the period of early civilizations, when a man found out his need to record the vision he came across. In the earlier days, most of the paintings were scraped on the wall and were rudimentary in their structural aspects, but they were good enough to deliver the message. As days passed by, the man developed many refined techniques and processes, by which the art could have improved to standards that would make it more realistic. Watercolor painting could be thought to be the earliest form of painting done by man, on the paper, with basic detailing to the structures and color combination.

How to proceed?

In watercolor painting, the basic requirement is learning the art of using the paint-brush, which is used to develop the picture. Even the blend of watercolor on the painting palette, must be studied carefully, as it may open the avenue for various color combinations giving rise to different shades. The amount of water necessary to blend the colors in watercolor painting is also a matter of practice that the painter learns in time. Once a person gets the grass of these basic things, he would be considered ready to continue watercolor painting on his own and experiment with the art to form his original art.

Know more about the brushes:

There are a number of brushes used for watercolor painting, each having its unique property of applying paint on the paper. Paint brushes generally consist of the handle, the ferrule and the tuft, which which the tuft comes under numerous categories, depending upon the style of brush strokes that they made for. In watercolor painting the beginners always start with the round tufts, as they are round shaped near the ferrule and gradually taper to a point at the front; these could be utilized for any form of painting with a steady hand and great deal of practice. Other forms of tufts include the flats, riggers, mops, filberts, acrylic, fan, etc., with which, the watercolor painting or any other form of the art becomes easier.

The materials used:

The main materials used in watercolor painting are the watercolors and the paper on which the painting is done. Even the watercolors are made of substances like additives, colorants, binders and solvents, each adding to the property of the color. Every color mixes with water to form different shades on dilution or mixing with other colors of its nature. In watercolor painting, it is very essential to check out the type of paper that we are using for painting because, if the paper soaks in too much water or does not take in water at all, it would be difficult to do watercolor painting on it.

Keeping these facts in mind, we must proceed with our watercolor painting and try to make the most out of the color combinations and practiced brush strokes. Watercolor painting is one of the most interesting forms of painting, as it opens different paths of advanced painting style for the painters.



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