Week of sunshine starts with temperature set to hit 31C


The UK is in for a few sunshine-filled days this week with temperatures expected to reach highs of 31°C in some parts of England.

Most of the country will experience very warm weather today, with central and southern England seeing the hottest temperatures. Bonnie Diamond, a Met Office meteorologist, told Metro.co.uk the entire week will be considerably warm for this time of year.

She said: ‘It will be a settled week with warm sunshine, and hot in the south of England. Temperatures will be around 24 to 25°C widely, with 30°C in the south east and possibly even 31°C in the broader London area.

‘It will be cooler in the north, with Scotland and Northern Ireland both around 21°C. But the average temperature for the UK during this time of year is max 17 or 18°C, so they’re still higher than usual.’

Temperatures may remain around 16 to 19°C this evening in parts of the south, and may be uncomfortably warm for those trying to sleep in built up cities tonight, Ms Diamond said.

The warm weather will then continue into Tuesday, with ‘dry days and sunny spells’ across the UK. Temperatures will remain 25°C and above for most of England, with peaks of 30 and 31°C again in the south east.

But by Wednesday there will be ‘less warm air’ in the north, causing a cold shift to slowly move down the UK and gradually reach the south by the end of the week. Temperatures will no longer be high on Thursday, but it will still remain ‘pleasantly warm for the time of year’, Ms Diamond said.

Thursday night could also see temperatures dip in the north, with some frost expected as the cooler air spreads. England will also be cooler, but temperatures will remain in double digits in the south.

Ms Diamond continued: ‘It will be a settled week starting out hot in the south and warm elsewhere, with temperatures starting to drop from Wednesday onwards.

‘Northern Ireland and Scotland will see some cloud cover and spots of rain, but there will still be plenty of sun nationwide.’

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