What Do I Need for My Wedding?

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Are you just about to have your wedding? Then congratulations! The moment you get married is undoubtedly going to be remembered for the rest of your life. Whether we’re thinking about the bride’s wonderful dress, the groom’s handsome attire, or the revelrous atmosphere, weddings can be a whole heap of fun.

They can also be one of the most anxiety-inducing events of your life, liable to make you tear out your hair and yell at the sky, swinging an angry fist at God.

Weddings can be a time of joy and lovemaking, promises and commitments to each other, hundreds of bright potential futures waving at you from only an arm’s length away, and relief at finally having gotten everything over with.

Similarly, they can also be lifelong regrets and worries.

Have I managed to scare you? Sorry, but it’s necessary. So many people get hung up on little details such as what color tablecloth they want for their reception that they forget about what’s really important and deserves consideration.

For one, event insurance. Because no matter how well you plan your wedding, the odds are at least one aspect is going to go badly. And if it does, then you want to be able to get back on your feet, not wallow in the debris of a failed marriage.

Here is why wedding event insurance is absolutely imperative.

Why Do I Need Insurance That Badly?

Because despite what we’re all hoping for, there’s a likelihood your wedding isn’t going to go as planned. While for the most part, it might be perfectly flawless, I can tell you from experience that almost every wedding has to deal with a surprise complication at some point or another.

That surprise complication can typically be resolved by responding quickly and keeping your head on your shoulders, but it might not be within your control at all. This is where the importance of insurance comes in.

According to US law, any harm or injury that affects a guest present at an event leaves the host legally responsible. As such, even the most unimportant and superficial of scenarios can quickly become nothing more than a dreadful nightmare for you.

A situation that is particularly fitting for an example, and one that happens so frequently it should almost be a wedding stereotype at this point, is a slip-and-fall. The name is self-explanatory, so it shouldn’t need much explanation.

Let’s say, for example, that among your guests is a very elderly couple. So elderly, rather, that the word used should be venerable. After entering the church and witnessing the lucky couple say their vows and leave for the reception, they trip over the door lintel and break their bones.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent weeks on end making sure the floors are dry or that there are no loose cables or cracks on any surface, you name it. It only takes a single misstep or mobility failure for someone to get horribly injured.

And you already know who is going to be responsible for that, don’t you? In that case, then get ready to be met with a lawsuit that is going to drive you mad before the year is over. The financial costs associated with developing a defense aren’t small.

If you have insurance, on the other hand…

Insurance will cover any financial fees associated with finding an attorney as well as additional costs and expenses according to the situation. Depending on the insurance package you’ve bought, you might also have coverage over vendor cancellation refunds or other benefits.

Without insurance, you’ll have to pay for legal defense out of your own pocket. Insurance, however, will pay it off for you, saving you a metric ton of stress.

Insure Her? I Hardly Know Her!

Don’t be one of those people who think, “This isn’t going to affect me! I’m not that unlucky.” Just consider what would happen if you are affected: you’ll be caught completely unprepared and unaware, with no money set aside for a situation like this, and no proper plan of defense.

Therefore, always protect yourself before anything bad happens by purchasing wedding event insurance.

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