What Source Of Energy Do You Pick For Your House?


The competitive energy market in Alberta makes it possible for homeowners to choose more affordable energy plans to power their homes. If you are a homeowner in Calgary, you now have the power to choose from among different energy providers. More importantly, you can now choose eco-friendly energy plans by querying the source of energy coming to your home. As you compare different electricity plans on the market, look beyond the plan offered by these electricity companies and consider the energy source.

This article explores different sources of energy and helps you choose the most appropriate for your house.

1.Natural Gas
Heating is one of the most essential services in every Canadian home and natural gas is the main source of energy for this. It is one of the three main fossil fuels that power the world and like all natural resources sustainability is a big problem.

Among the advantages of natural gas in heating is that it burns cleaner than diesel or coal, it is readily available thus cheaper and as a deregulated utility in Canada, consumers have more price choices on the market. Energy supply is safe even during adverse water as opposed to electricity which goes out in such situations. The largest energy companies such as Direct Energy Alberta have different natural gas plans to suit the needs of different households.

However, there are major drawbacks in using natural gas as an energy source including increasing the greenhouse effect on the planet, safety issues due to its flammable nature, devastating effects on the environment during extraction and high cost of setting up infrastructure.

2. Solar Energy
Solar energy has received a lot of attention as the world seeks to find sustainable energy sources. Solar systems harness energy from the sun and use it to provide energy to homes. Solar power systems light up and also heat homes in Canada and many energy providers now include solar energy plans and hardware in their plans.

The initial cost of setting up solar power is high but you will enjoy cost savings over time as you will not have to pay for power from the grid. This is an eco-friendly and sustainable energy source whose infrastructure requires minimal maintenance costs. Using solar energy will also Improve the value of your home, Combat rising electricity costs, allow you to enjoy energy rebates and other incentives, reduce your home’s carbon footprint.
However, solar energy is not ideal if you plan to move in the future due to the investment involved. Buying panels are also expensive and it might not work for your home’s roof style.

3. Wind Energy
Wind farms are more common in Canada’s landscape with private energy companies and government organizations investing heavily in these ventures. Wind generates power that homeowners can use for lighting, heating and other functions.

It is a renewable, eco-friendly and a sustainable energy source which also guarantees the reduced cost of electricity and heating. However, wind farms have a negative impact on the ecosystem as they are a threat to wildlife. More importantly, poor reliability of wind means turbines operate below capacity. Local communities also complain about noise and visual pollution. Setting up the infrastructure required for wind power generation is very costly and such costs might be passed to the consumer.

4. Hydropower
This remains a popular source of electricity used to light and heat millions of homes across Alberta. Hydropower is a sustainable source of electricity and it is also efficient which explains its popularity across the world. This renewable energy source offers guaranteed energy and price stability and fights climate changes by minimizing greenhouse gases.

However, there are huge environmental impacts during the construction of hydropower dams as they ruin the ecosystem. These projects take a lot of time and are expensive to build leading to the high cost of electricity.

5. Geothermal energy
This is energy tapped form steam trapped below the earth’s surface. It is clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly and construction of the first geothermal plant continues in Alberta. It is smart technology to get greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and it is a low maintenance energy source. For consumers, there are no cost fluctuations and it is one of the safest energy sources.

Of course, there are other energy sources for your home and talking to your energy provider will help you choose the best. New sources of energy such as geothermal and nuclear are yet to take off in Alberta, Canada but it is good to learn about them alongside the common energy sources.

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