Where to Get Magic Items in Clash of Clans


What is your favourite video games? What interests in it? Games are very important in various ways. You may be wondering if there are elements of truth in what I just said. I understand why. There is a lot of negative publicity about video games. The main concern in people’s mind is an addiction. Indeed it discourages to see a young person spending nearly the whole day playing games. Nevertheless, that is a poor way of doing things and am totalling against them. I only want you to know that some games, such as clash of clans are so important in a number of ways. For instance, most of these games require you to think critically in order to come out of a difficult situation. The problem-solving skill so developed can be applied in real life situations. Today I want to draw your attention to one of the most effective and attractive games ever designed–the clash of clans. In this blog, we will specifically discuss one of its features, the Magical Items. Let us begin with a brief overview of the game.

The Clash of Clans

Created by supercell, clash of clans is a freemium mobile game that has attracted individuals across the world. In fact, the game has a total of 48,978,168 user reviews with an average of 4.6 – star on Google PlayStore. To what can you attribute such an excellent performance? Nothing other than its wonderful features. The game is characterized by huge challenges which come with greater rewards. Even though the game is free, there are some premium services. As already mentioned, the game has a lot of attractive features. Among the most cherished one are the magic items. The magical items were first introduced in the year 2017 and are very powerful products for optimizing your performance. Let us talk about them in details.

The Magical Items

We have mentioned that they are essential in improving your performance. But what are they realistically and how do they help? Well, these are basically consumable products which can be used in different ways. For instance, you can use them to enhance upgrades or add to your resources. These items are divided into the following:

• Books

• Potions

• Runes

• Rings

You can as well use some of these items for Builder Base. The following are some specific types of magical Items:

Book of Fighting. This item contains all the appropriate training program. The book can instantly be used to finish up any uncompleted troop upgrade. It is worth a maximum of 1863 Gems.

Book of spells. The book was penned by anonymous wizards and can also be used to end a continuing spell upgrade. It is applicable only in Home Village, having a worth of 1863 Gems.

Book of building. This one is thought to have been built by the master personally. It is equally used to finalize any building upgrade instantly. It is perfect for all the villages. The book of Building is worth 1863 Gems.

The Book of Heroes. As the name suggests, it contains heroic accounts as well as sound advice. The book can be utilized in finishing an uncompleted hero upgrade straight away. The book is worth 1863 Gems.

Book of Everything. Here is a very strong magical encyclopaedia which can be used to finishany continuing upgrade. It is also worth 1863 Gems. It works in all the villages.

Power Portion. This is an awesome brew which can improve your troops along with spells depending on your laboratory, though for an hour. It functions in all the villages.

Resource Potion. A speed spell twisted into a potion, this tool can significantly lift your resource collector efficacy for one day. It is perfect for both villages and costs 230 Gems.

Training Potion. This item enhances army production greatly, improving the effectiveness of barracks as well as spell factories. It functions only in the home village. The tool costs 55 Gems.

Builder Portion. This one builds the speed of your builders 10x faster in an event of emergency all.nighter. The builder is worth 103 Gems and works only in the Home Village.

Rune of Gold. It endlessly offers a stream of Gold and permits the filling of Elixir storages, though only in Home Village. It costs 3000 Gems.

These are just some of the magical items in the clash of clans. And by the way, you can sell them. However, that may not be a wise decision because they are worth more compared to the price you can dispose of.

Using the Magical Items

How do you use these items? Well, suppose you currently have a book you can use, you will be able to see it when choosing an upgrade. Utilizing the spells can kick- start directly at the magical items part from your treasury. You will have active power for the duration the item offers. The same applies when choosing a building.

Where to Get Magical Items

There is no shortcut, you only have to unlock them right from the utmost reward tier of the clash of clans or acquire them at the Trader. Still, you can find more help here.


The clash of clans is a very interesting game. It is flexible and easy to play. In fact, you can play it irrespective of where you are. One of its main features lies with its competitiveness. And the fact that you can build a dynasty shows how social it is.

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