Which star signs clash the most? These are the ones you should avoid

Which star signs clash the most? These are the ones you should avoid

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Just as astrology can guide us towards our soul mates, BFFs, best lovers, and long-term partners, it can equally advise where we should not dare to tread.

Some star signs are destined to clash, and the cosmic fallout can be dramatic.

Avoid the drama and heed this guide. Ahead you’ll find each star sign’s fated enemy.

Aries – Pisces

The first and last signs of the zodiac, as far apart (and close together, as the zodiac is a wheel) as any in terms of temperament, motives, traits, humour, values and needs.

Aries is a go-getting, ultra-competitive, devil-may-care thrill seeker. Pisces is a whimsical, romantic, imaginative, prone-to-martyrdom empath.

These two don’t get each other, and Aries can (without really meaning to, because Aries isn’t overtly unkind) upset Pisces without even lifting a finger.

Meanwhile Pisces can drive Aries to distraction with their self-sacrifice and overthinking. Each is a frustrating enigma to the other.

Taurus – Sagittarius

The only thing these two really have in common is a healthy appetite for sex and physical contact, so this can work as a steamy, fast fling but, longer term… yikes.

Taurus likes control, Sagittarius revokes and rejects any form of control, thank you.

Taurus thinks long and hard about what they say and do, Sagittarius says and does whatever first pops into their head the moment it pops there.

Taurus saves and plans for the future, Sagittarius lives like there’s no tomorrow.

Taurus likes to stay in, Sagittarius cannot stay in.

You get the picture.

Gemini – Cancer

Although these two sit next to each other on the zodiac wheel, they are miles and miles apart in every other respect.

The main sticking point between them is that Gemini is all about space, freedom, independence, and having many casual connections, whereas Cancer is all about bonding, closeness, intimacy, and a handful of total live-in-eachother’s-pockets connections.

Gemini is also a smart-mouthed, mickey-taking prankster, and Cancer can’t bear to be poked fun at. This relationship usually ends in tears (from Cancer) and villainy (from Gemini).

Leo – Virgo

This relationship has naughty pupil/strict headteacher (guess who’s who) written all over it, which might make for an exciting roleplay, fun for a night but not for a lifetime.

Leo just wants to be admired, adored, calling the shots, being a rascal and having fun. Basically absorbing a whole heap of energy, and getting first dibs on everything.

Virgo will seethe (silently for a while) at this perceived liberty taking, because Virgo can’t bear to waste energy on pointless flatteries or let other people do what they know they can do better.

This pair can quickly descend into an icy battle of wills.

Libra – Capricorn

Venus meets Saturn. Pleasure meets duty. Indulgence meets obligation. This pairing is destined for arguments about money, time-wasting, laziness, and control.

Libra is all up for a good time, and loves to spend/shop/play/chill/indulge themselves.

At the other end of the spectrum sits Capricorn, who loves to earn/save/work/ improve/progress.

Although things may swim along okay for a while, as Libra is so tactful and charming they can make almost anything work, the cracks will soon appear when real life comes a-knocking, and the bills need paying.

Scorpio – Aquarius

Clash of the titans. Pluto meets Uranus, two outer planets that have fearless, independent and powerful energy, and bend to no one.

Neither of these signs knows a thing about compromise, which is an essential ingredient of any successful relationship. Both are stubborn, resolute, fixed in their opinions, and kind of guarded (dare I say secretive) about their desires and flaws.

This can lead to an epic stand-off. Scorpio has intensity and a thirst to control. Aquarius is more fluid and slips away from any attempts to domineer. They just can’t get a handle on each other, or learn to live together.

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