Who Else Wants Graber Blinds?



What makes Graber blinds so special? Why buy them at all? Since 1939, the Graber brand has proven time and time again that their window blinds are the best in the industry. Throughout the years, Graber blinds has become harmonious to high-quality window treatments that are stylish, durable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly.

Graber window blinds are proudly spotted as "green" window coverings. For 72 years, it has been a long-standing commitment at Graber to find ways to improve their products without compromising the welfare of the environment. This principle enabled them to produce real green window treatments that put value to any home.

Made from North American hardwood, Graber's Traditions wood blinds add a perfect touch of character and warmth to any living space. These are specifically built to provide maximum privacy, light control, and energy conservation. The Traditions 2-inch wood blinds allow you to get creative by using their 29 beautiful options for stains and paints.

You can control your grave blinds in two ways-manually or automatically. Their manual control options include the cordless system, standard cord tilt, and optional wand tilt. But if you do not want to exert effort altogether, you can always operate several hard-to-reach blinds using a wall switch or handheld controller device.

Got big windows? Let Graber's vertical blinds cover them up with clean and stylish look. You can set the mood and privacy inside your home by choosing between their room-darkening and light-filtering options. If you want to minimize glares and interior temperature, you can check out their new solar fabric louvers.

They may not come from real hardwood, but faux wood window blinds and composite window blinds from Graber certainly have a lot of perks. For one, they are cheaper than authentic wood window blinds. They also do not get easily damage or go out of shape when exposed to humid environment conditions.

Versatile is the best word to describe Graber horizontal blinds. Their timeless look, durability, and ergonomic design are something that you can look forward to. The Micro Supreme Aluminum Blinds features 6- or 8-gauge aluminum with–inch to 1-inch slats. With 20-71 classic and modern colors to choose from, these do not have any problems blending well with your interiors.

Cleaning is practically a breeze when it comes to their aluminum window blinds. Graber has fully equipped them with their Advanced Finishing Technology, which advances dusts from accumulating on the surface. It also protects the aluminum window blinds from tough stains and unsightly surface scratches.

It is not that easy to buy window treatments since there are hundreds of products out there. But Graber window blinds are certainly making it easier for others to choose because of their many benefits. Graber blinds are promised to be naturally "green", long-reflecting, functional, and classy without the expensive price.



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