GPUs are really hard to come by right now, but why is the current graphic card drought so much worse than any other that came before it? Pandemic? Politics? Bitcoin? Bots?!

When the heck will we be able to get our graphics cards?

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Dave Jewitt
Chris Morris

Gamers everywhere are chasing the hardware needed to run the best of their games, but graphics cards shortages have been around for nearly a year now. So why are GPUs so rare and expensive right now?

Unfortunately there is more than one issue at play in the great hardware shortage of the 2020s. Covid-19 has meant that production and logistics have been slowed and the raw materials that go into chips and boards are much harder to come by, which has meant fewer GPUs for gamers trying to chase triple digits framerates in their FPS.

The Bitcoin miners and scalpers have also been a leading factor in the graphics card shortage, as many were using online bots to instantly purchase as many AMD or Nvidia GPUs as soon as stock was available.

It looks like the issues aren’t going away any time soon though, with the global chip shortage currently reaching crisis point.

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