Why do you need proxies in Indonesia

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In terms of blocking websites and various online resources, Indonesia is a fairly democratic country. However, some sites are still blocked by the government, and it is likely that among the restricted sites will be those that you like and often use. A proxy will help you with this.

When selecting a proxy, you should be careful as some proxy service providers may not be as good as you think. When choosing a service provider, you should use some rules that you can read in this article. After reading, you will be able to choose a good provider for Indonesia proxy.

A little about what is a proxy

When you use the Internet as it is, all requests go from you to the site directly. A proxy server acts as an additional link between the user and the Internet. A kind of intermediary that separates a person from the visited site and passes traffic through itself before sending it to the site. That is, the proxy server creates conditions when the site thinks that the traffic going through the proxy server actually comes directly from a person without any intermediaries.

Such “intermediaries” are quite multifunctional and can be used to:

  • ensure a high degree of confidentiality — so that sites do not know exactly who visits them;
  • to enhance your cyber security — basic hacking attacks will be directed to the proxy server and not to your device;
  • can be used to access content that only exists in a certain area;
  • thanks to hashing technology, you can increase the speed of loading sites;
  • allows you to access blocked online resources, messenger sites, and so on.

All this works because the proxy replaces the IP address and the traffic passes through an additional server on which data caching can work. It also allows you to create and use additional mechanisms to protect your personal data.

Some more information about the IP address

An IP address tells websites and apps where you are. This compromises your privacy and security. And the same address is used to block access to content since such blocking often works based on your physical location.

The proxy server is responsible for spoofing your IP, so it’s worth saying how it helps to solve these problems.

Types of proxy servers

Proxy servers are different and are suitable for different tasks. Consider the main types of proxy servers:

  1. Transparent — such servers do not hide any information from sites. They honestly report that the traffic passes through a proxy and also transmits the user’s IP address to the site. Such servers are usually found in public institutions, schools, universities, and so on.
  2. Anonymous — a more popular type of proxy. Unlike transparent proxies, it transmits the data that it is a proxy server but does not transmit the user’s personal data. That is, anonymized information will be transmitted from both sides.
  3. Distorting — such proxies also honestly identify themselves, but instead of real user data, fake ones are transmitted. In this case, the site thinks that you are a real person.
  4. Private — such proxies are usually the most expensive and most reliable, they provide the highest level of anonymity for a proxy. Such servers regularly change the IP address, constantly give out fake data and significantly reduce the chances of web resources tracking traffic and somehow connecting it with you.

There are also several subspecies of proxies that differ from each other technically. HTTP proxies are the most common. Usually used for surfing the Internet, but they are not safe, so it is better to choose others.

HTTPS proxy — the same as HTTP but with encryption. Can be safely used to gain access to blocked sites. And SOCKS is the most flexible and secure type of proxy. It works with different types of traffic.

Why do we need proxies

Proxies perform many different tasks. Let’s talk about the most popular in more detail:

  • Acceleration of download speed — cached copies of sites can be stored on proxy servers. That is, when you visit a certain site, you get a copy of the data from the proxy server, which increases the download speed.
  • Data compression — helps to significantly reduce the amount of traffic spent. Some proxies have tools installed that compress all requested content before redirecting it to the end-user. The “Turbo mode” is compatible with both Opera and Yandex browsers. Compression takes place on the proxy server, and then it downloads the full version of the media content and takes over the “pressure”. And the client is already downloading the same data but in a lightweight form.
  • Privacy — If there are concerns about privacy, then you can set up a private or anonymous gateway, which will in every possible way hide information about the computer that made the initial request (remove its IP address at least). They are used both by individuals who are tired of being tracked by advertisers and by large corporations who do not want to put up with espionage by competitors.
  • Security — a proxy can protect not only privacy but also protect against real threats like viruses. You can configure the gateway so that it does not accept requests from malicious resources. And turn the resulting proxy into a kind of massive “antivirus” through which you can release all the employees of the company without worrying that they will run into some serious threat.
  • Access to prohibited content — another gateway can be used to bypass regional restrictions. This works for both web pages and web applications. You can visit sites that are restricted in your country. Or accidentally blocked by the provider. And they can be completely harmless sites.

By filtering available resources using a proxy, you can monitor traffic and, if necessary, filter it. It’s a kind of parental control, but on a larger scale. It is used mainly in educational institutions (to block access to malicious sites) and enterprises for the same purpose.

For example, you notice that your students or employees spend too much time on Twitter — in this case, you can connect the school or enterprise to a proxy server and route all traffic through it, blocking certain sites.

How to choose a good proxy provider

There are several factors to consider when choosing a proxy provider:

  • good reputation — you understand that connecting to a proxy that has already been compromised is not the best idea;
  • detailed information about servers — it is important to know where it is located, what technologies are used;
  • additional security mechanisms — some proxies block malicious resources, filter advertising banners, encrypt transmitted data, and do other useful things.

The proxy server should collect a minimum of information about you. It is almost impossible that there are servers that do not collect it at all, but paid and prestigious ones do this to a minimum.

A little about

As already mentioned, there are several criteria that you should rely on when choosing a proxy provider. It is important to choose a large and famous provider with an excellent reputation. It is important to have a large number of reviews from real users on different resources.

In the case of Soax, you can see that there are a large number of reviews on different sites – it’s impossible to buy them all, right? It is also worth paying attention to a large number of existing servers in different countries – this is also an indicator that the company is large and is actively developing.

Another important factor is the availability of a large number of services provided at different prices. In the case of Soax, you can see that the company can offer you many different packages of services – from the cheapest to quite expensive. It is also possible to create your own package with services – the price will be individual and selected for you by an authorized support worker.

After reading this article, you may have noticed that the Soax proxy provider meets all the above quality and security criteria. If you do not believe various articles on the Internet, which are logical and understandable, you can simply find and read reviews from real users. The more the better, it will give you a real picture of how reliable Soax is and whether you want to use it as your proxy provider. We wish you safe surfing on the Internet!


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