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Windows 11 is real, and it’s drawing closer. Microsoft has announced the next generation of its operating system, and we’ve already received a look at some of its next-generation features.

Microsoft has already unwittingly provided us with an early look at Windows 11. It’s noteworthy for its streamlined Start menu and simplified taskbar, layered on top of what looks a lot like Windows 10.

As Microsoft rolls out Windows 11, bookmark this page to keep up with the latest news, tips, and reviews of Windows 11. Scroll down for our hands-on and video walkthrough of Windows 11, too, as well as the unexpected new features and major hardware requirements of Windows 11, too. We’ll have hands-on and tips as well.

Windows 11 News

Here are the PCs that can upgrade to Windows 11: PC makers have begun publishing lists of the PCs that can upgrade to Windows 11.  Here’s the list.

DirectStorage won’t be exclusive to Windows 11The cool new gaming technology will be in Windows 10, too. Here’s what this means.

Animated emoji? No way. Microsoft has added a lot of good things to Windows 11, but we’re not sure animated emoji is one of them. 

Roll back Windows 11 to Windows 10: You’ll have little over a week to decide.

Microsoft announces Windows 11: Microsoft finally reveals the free upgrade to Windows 10, how much it will cost and when you can get it. Here’s what Microsoft had to say about it at the launch.

Windows 11 upgrades for Windows 10 devices won’t happen until 2022: Why is Microsoft doing this? To give Windows 11 PCs a chance, it appears.

Many Microsoft Surfaces won’t get Windows 11: Look down this page for the hardware requirements of Windows 11. They’re a big deal—and because they’re so stringent, even many Microsoft Surface devices won’t be eligible to upgrade to Windows 11.

When will Windows 11 ship? Here’s what we know: We can use history to help us determine when Windows 11 will ship. Here’s our timeline for when you can expect it. 

If Windows 10 was the “last Windows,” what’s Windows 11? As with many questions, the answer is “it depends!” We explain how this statement came about, and why it didn’t really represent Microsoft’s corporate policy at the time.

How Windows 11 could solve Windows 10’s worst problems: Windows 10 had its share of annoyances. We list the problems with Windows 10 that we hope Microsoft will fix in Windows 11.

Why you’ll need a TPM to run Windows 11: Microsoft’s messaging around Windows 11 hasn’t been that great. This is Microsoft’s attempt to explain what a TPM is necessary (and what a TPM is, too). 

Windows 11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Windows 11 FAQ: Our first Windows 11 FAQ is live.

Windows 11 hardware requirements: This looks like a big gotcha for those with older PCs. Find out what Intel Core, AMD Ryzen, or Qualcomm Snapdragon chips are eligible, as well as how much RAM and storage your PC will need.

Video: Windows 11 official preview build: Check out what Windows 11 looks like in this visual tour. 

Windows 11 Reviews and Guides

While we don’t have a formal review of Windows 11 yet, we have been able to download the official build of Windows 11 and show you some of its features. Check out our hands-on and video review for more.

How fast is Windows 11? We’ve tested the previews builds, and yes, there’s a difference between it and Windows 10. 

Windows 11 hands-on, the official build: Microsoft has released the first build of Windows 11 as an Insider Preview, and we’ve gone hands-on with it. Many new features!

The “new” features of Windows 11: We knew what Microsoft had in store for us via the leaked Windows 11 build, but there’s a ton of unexpected new features Microsoft also kept in its back pocket and revealed Thursday. Here they are. 

Windows 11 hands-on (leaked build): We downloaded the leaked build of Windows 11 and installed it. Here is information on everything from the installation process, to the setup, the new Start menu and Taskbar, and more. 

Windows 11 video hands on (leaked build): We accompanied our hands-on of Windows 11 with a video overview of some of the new features. Check it out! We’ll almost certainly have another after an official build of Windows 11 is released.

Seven big ways Windows 11 differs from Windows 10: Windows 10 users will want to know what they’re getting in Windows 11. We explain.

Windows 11 Tips

We’ll have more tips as Windows 11 draws closer!

How to make Windows 11 run faster via Power Mode: You can make Windows 11 run faster by turning on the hidden Power Mode. It does work, and here’s how.

How to make Windows 11’s Start menu look like Windows 10: Some people might not like Windows 11’s simplified, centered Start menu and Taskbar. But there’s a way to go back to the more familiar Windows 10 Start menu, complete with Live Tiles.

How to set up and use Teams Chat within Windows 11: Teams Chat is being added to Windows 11, right in the Taskbar. We can show you what it is and how to use it. 

How to remove the Widgets button from Windows 11: Does Widgets seem unnecessary? You can’t remove Widgets, but you can remove the Widgets button. 

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