Windows Update 0x8007007e Error Fix



Windows Update 0×8007007e Error is an error that has become a frequent occurrence when updating Windows (versions such as 2000, XP, Server 2003).You will most likely encounter this error as a message on your screen each time the computer system will access the updated files in the Windows server.

What are the causes of this error?

There are many explanations why the 0×8007007e Error flashes on the screen. Generally, there are two main causes. One, the dll files could be corrupted, misplaced or not registered at all. Two, there could be errors in the Microsoft XML Parser. Check the security of your computer; if it has somehow been breached or infected by a virus, then the 0×8007007e Error will definitely come up. Also, the registry settings could be the one causing the problem; if it has corrupt or damaged files, then the computer will send error messages to you. Find out the necessary steps you have to perform to fix the error. The process is discussed below.

How To Fix The 0x8007007e Error

You will have to identify all the files needed for updating Windows and then re-register them. The computers mainly make use of DLL files to operate its numerous activities. Sometimes, the DLL files cause the problems so you will have to refresh the files to clear out damages. Go to START>RUN and open prompt by typing “cmd” in the box that appears. At the command prompt, type “regsvr32 -u ,” and press ENTER to finish. For the changes to take effect, you will have to restart your computer.

After doing all the previously mentioned steps, you will have to clean out the registry database of the computer system. The 0×8007007e Error can come from issues in the registry that have been overlooked for some time. Since this database is fragile and sensitive, it is prone to be damaged once in awhile. Corrupt files or missing files usually cause the disruption of Windows operations; thus, errors occur. You might experience the computer operating more slowly and that the applications or programs will not work properly or even start up. Symptoms like failure to load and decreased system speed cause the 0×8007007e error and others to appear.

Despite the numerous problems the registry can cause, you should note that it is the backbone of vital operations and processes of the computer. All the settings and files that are being recalled now and then by Windows are stored there. You have to make sure that the registry is in sound condition to prevent potential errors that could escalate to serious computer crashes. The best tool that can maintain the registry and fix the problems there is an application called the Frontline Registry Cleaner. It will automatically deal with the errors for you and clean the registry.



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