Women Who Played Important Roles During World War II



During the Second World War, when most men were busy fighting battles on the frontlines, women assumed important roles in the society. In fact, some women also contributed to World War II, but there is hardly any mention of their sacrifice and efforts in the record books. It was during this period that women left their homes and hearth to work in shipyards and other workplaces, which were earlier male bastions. Many women also fought bravely at the frontlines alongside their male compatriots.

Some of the women, who played important roles, during World War II are as follows:

Russian Tatiana Nikolaevna Baramzina was born on 12 December 1919. She enrolled in the Central Women’s Sniper Training School in 1943. After completing her training, she was dispatched to the Third Belorussian Front. In the first 3 months of her moving to the front, Tatiana managed to kill about 16 enemy soldiers. Tatiana was captured during the war and tortured. Later on she was shot and executed on 5 July 1944. To honor her memory, the street where Tatiana’s home was located was named after her in Glazov. Russia.

Anne Frank, perhaps, is the most recognizable name from World War II. She was a Jewish girl from Germany and became a known named after her diary was published. The diary was a record of her experiences during the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands during the war. Born on 12 June 1929, Anne Frank and her family moved to The Netherlands in 1933. As the Nazi persecution against the Jews increased in The Netherlands, the family went into hiding in 1942. However, 2 years later, the Frank family was captured and sent to a concentration camp. It was 7 months after being incarcerated in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp that Anne and her sister, Margot, contracted typhus and died in March 1945. Anne’s diary some how remained untouched in the camp and was published in 1947 by her father, Otto, who had survived the concentration camp.

Katya Budanova was a female fighter pilot from Russia. Born on December 7, 1916, Katya became interested in aircraft after working in an aircraft factory. She learned to fly and became a part of the all-female 586th Fighter Regiment. During the Second World War, she flew on a solo combat mission shooting down one enemy aircraft. However, this mission was her last, as her plane was also gunned down. She died on 19 July 1943.



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