You can now get directions from Christina Aguilera in Waze

You can now get directions from Christina Aguilera in Waze

by Lily White
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To celebrate Women’s History Month in the United States (October in Canada), Waze is adding American singer Christina Aguilera, a long-time girl-power advocate as an experience in the navigation app.

You can set Aguilera’s voice as the chief direction-giver in the app, and as an extra, she will also drop words of wisdom and advice she’s learned along the way in English and Spanish.

“International Women’s Day is a significant reminder that we are still fighting against gender bias and stereotypes,” Christina says in the Waze release. “Partnering with Waze has allowed me to unify my voice with a community of people who care about helping one another.”

To take advantage of the full Xtina experience, you can choose one of the four new moods, which include ‘Magical,’ ‘Feisty,’ ‘Sweet,’ or ‘Strong’ and set your vehicle icon as a ‘Dirrty Bike’ or a ‘Pinkup Truck.’

You can enable the new experience by navigating to the ‘My Waze’ section of Waze’s settings and clicking on the “Drive with Christina Aguilera” banner. Alternatively, you can enable the setting by opening this link directly from your mobile.

The Xtina experience on Waze launched March 1st and is available for a limited time only.

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