You Can Now Listen To Andy Serkis Read You The Entirety Of The Hobbit


While Andy Serkis might be best known for his physicality, with so many of his roles requiring mo-cap suited capers, he also has a fantastic voice–and has put that voice to good use in a new audiobook for The Hobbit, which is available now.

Back in May, while most of the world was still under strict lockdown, Serkis spent 12 hours reading The Hobbit cover-to-cover in a “Hobbitathon” livestreamed for charity. Then, in July, Harper Collins announced that a new audiobook of The Hobbit would feature Andy Serkis, presumably for everyone who missed out on the livestreamed version.

Now, the audiobook is available, and the official Tolkien estate Facebook page has released a neat behind-the-scenes video showing Serkis delivering the iconic opening of the book.

While we haven’t seen or heard any snippets of Serkis doing his iconic Gollum voice for the audiobook, it’s likely he’ll reprise the performance as he did for the live streamed version.

Serkis is donating his payment from the audiobook recording to the Disasters Emergency Committee, and Harper Collins UK has pledged to match it. You can check out the book on Audible.

A new Lord of the Rings series is currently in the works at Amazon. It won’t follow the plot of the book trilogy, though, and will be set in the Second Age of Middle-earth. Here’s everything we know about it.

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