YouTube Shorts amass over five trillion views in two years

YouTube Shorts amass over five trillion views in two years

by Lily White
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Instagram and YouTube have both adopted Tik Tok’s short video format, and the latter of the two has been successful with the change, as is evident with these numbers that came out earlier today.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has shared a blog post that outlines the company’s priorities for 2022, which include the platform delving into NFTs, growing its creator ecosystem, providing creators with additional sources of revenue and working on adding a “shopping” tag that will let viewers browse and shop for products they see in videos.

Along with the future plans, Wojcicki also announced that YouTube Shorts have amassed over five trillion views since the sub platform’s birth in 2020.

“More people are creating content on YouTube than ever before. We’re seeing momentum across the platform, including on Shorts. We’ve now hit 5 trillion all-time views on Shorts!” reads the blog post.

2022 will see YouTube further build on Shorts. Wojcicki says the platform will expand upon Shorts’ ‘Remix’ feature and will also provide creators new ways to create branded content through BrandConnect.

Learn more about YouTube’s 2022 priorities here or watch the video below:

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