YouTuber Creates PS5 Controller Adapter For One-Handed Play


Before the PS5 launched Sony bragged about the console’s numerous accessibility features. But while the console comes with a built-in screen reader and a voice dictation system, it doesn’t do anything for players who can’t use a typical DualSense controller. To remedy that issue, YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri has created an adapter that straps right onto the bulky controller, letting players use all of its inputs with just one hand.

The accessory, which Kuumeri 3D printed, snaps onto the DualSense controller, placing a rubber foot right below it and a grip on the left thumbstick, which is reserved for moving around in most games. A video showing the accessory in action opens with Kuumeri playing Rocket League with just a single hand, driving the car by moving the thumbstick via the rubber foot placed on his thigh.

With his simple accessory, players can move the DualSense’s left joystick by moving the entire controller, provided that the adapter’s rubber foot is on a stable surface. This gives players access to all the buttons on the right side of the controller while still being able to move. As for the other buttons on the left side of the controller though, things are a bit more complicated.

The L1 and L2 buttons can be pressed thanks to two paddles next to the R1 and R2 buttons, but the D-pad is a different story. To access those buttons, Kuumeri 3D printed an extra attachment that uses rods shaped like Allen wrenches to give users access to those buttons from the right side of the controller. Anyone who wants to give these accessories a try can download them on Prusaprinters, where Kuumeri has uploaded them.

In other DualSense news, Sony is releasing three additional color variants of the controller to match its recently-announced PS5 console covers.

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