10 Indoor Garden Kits to Spruce Up Your Spring

10 Indoor Garden Kits to Spruce Up Your Spring

by Sue Jones
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A curious thing happened sometime last year: My family members, held together by a robust group chat, decided to buy indoor garden kits. My brother was the first to do it, sending us regular updates on the state of his aggressive basil. Then my parents joined in the fun, dusting off their ’90s Aeorgarden and buying a new one. Suddenly they were growing tomatoes, kale, basil, and flowers. Finally, not wanting to be left out, I purchased a smaller unit and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best place to grow chamomile in my studio apartment. (I’ll make a decision eventually.)

Whether you want to start a personal farmers market in your living room or you just like to watch things grow, we have 10 indoor garden kits for you to take your plant parenthood to the next level. Most of these are hydroponic systems—which means your plants will grow in something other than soil, like water—and they require you to buy special seed kits, but some of the options are perfect for growing plants the old-fashioned way (in a pot with soil).

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