12 Essential Things to Refuse to Be a Really Happy Person



If your greatest dream in life is to achieve true happiness, then you should know that there are several things you need to let go of in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. In most cases, we become our own worst enemies, because we restrain ourselves and prevent ourselves from enjoying the little joys of life. We create many restrictions and often do not even realize this.

Let’s learn not to make life difficult and just let go of all those things that cause pain, suffering, and too much worry. Don’t endlessly justify your behavior. Just do everything in your power to become a happy person! After all, happiness is always in your hands, and you can become the creator of your own happy life. If you are lonely, no need to feel sorry for yourself. Be decisive! There are plenty of possibilities – from using a brides dating site to asking your friends for help to find a potential partner.

So, here are a few basic things you must get rid of in order for happiness to settle in your soul forever!

1. The Need for Acceptance from Others

One of the most important things you need to let go of in order to live a more successful and joyful life is the approval of others. Your purpose in life is not to please other people, but yourself, so try not to think too much about what others will think or say about your decisions or behavior.

As long as you are happy with yourself, the opinion of others is simply not your business. Don’t let other people’s opinions dictate what to do and how. Live your life and do not give up dreams and desires in order to just please everyone else! Do whatever makes you happy and do what you think is best for you! This recommendation also works in relationships. Do not confuse it with selfishness. In absolutely every relationship, with a date or spouse, with friends, and even with yourself, it is essential that you learn how not to pay attention to the opinions of other people. Unless you hurt them of course.

2. Negative Perception of Your Appearance

It is sometimes really difficult to be happy with who you are and especially with the way you look. However, the best way to learn how to be happy is to let go of all negative body images, as this makes you feel so insecure that over time, it can even lead to serious problems such as indigestion or even mood disorders. There is no right or perfect body and face. Learn to feel comfortable in your own body because the most important thing is, first of all, your health and the way you feel! Beauty comes from within, and you shouldn’t let others tell you otherwise!

3. The Perfect Partner Idea

Nobody is perfect, not even you, so why not stop demanding that of the other? We all have flaws and sometimes we can’t do anything about it. Don’t let little things get in the way of your happiness and ruin your relationship.

After all, true love also means you have to make some concessions sometimes, and your partner should be willing to compromise too. Bob Marley once said, “There are no perfect guys, but there is always one perfect guy for you.” Think of this wise thought the next time you feel the urge to try to change your loved one and adapt it to you.

4. All Kinds of Excuses

Indeed, it is sometimes much more convenient to find an excuse for your behavior than to feel responsible for your actions, because this way you don’t have to blame yourself for your mistakes, right?

Oftentimes, it is our fault that something happens, so:

–              People must accept some responsibility for their actions.

–              Don’t limit yourself by always making excuses for whatever you do that is wrong.

–              Work to improve and embrace your flaws.

This is the only way you can understand how to become a happier person – by learning from your mistakes, not justifying them.

5. Fears and Insecurity

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” You shouldn’t let anything get in the way of your happiness, especially fear and insecurity. In most cases, you have no objective reasons for fear, all the reasons are often far-fetched, and you already know about this.

Besides, it is really difficult to control your thoughts and how hard it can sometimes be to deal with all the worries people have on a daily basis. But everything is in our hands! To do this, you need to become really persistent and not be afraid to ask for help when you really need it. Don’t let fear and insecurity get in the way of your dreams! Be brave, be happy!

6. Procrastination or the Habit of Putting Things off

This sin is typical of almost everyone, at least from time to time. Sometimes, this behavior can lead to stressful situations and unhappiness. The truth is, most of the time, things just seem a little difficult. But this is until you actually get to work and start doing what you need to do.

As soon as you start working, you will most likely acquire an interest in what you are doing, that you will not even notice how you will eventually begin to enjoy this process and achieve your goals without the slightest delay! You will be able to feel free from an unencumbered burden of unfulfilled tasks, and therefore you will have more time for what you like and what you really love! This way, you will definitely feel like a happier and more successful person.

7. Negativeness

It is another essential point that must be taken into account so that you can feel more relaxed and joyful. Let go of all negativity and try to see the glass half full, not half empty. At first glance, this may seem a little daunting, but you will see how many benefits of positive thinking there are. Just focus on the good things and events in your life, and you will soon realize that there are many reasons to be grateful. Remember that everything is possible in the mind of a person who thinks positively!

8. Need to Control Everything

Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that you cannot control certain things and, no matter how hard you try, you are not able to change them to better suit your needs and demands. Unfortunately, sometimes nothing can be done about it. So, if your goal is to be happier, you need to learn to let go of this unhealthy urge to control everything and just accept the fact that you cannot change and influence everything.

9. The Habit of Complaining

Sometimes the best thing you can do to make yourself happier is to simply stop feeling sorry for yourself and let go of this constant need to complain about everything that goes wrong in your life. You can become your own worst enemy by focusing only on negative aspects and constantly complaining about everything. That way, you will just feel more unhappy, and this demeanor will not solve any of your problems. Therefore, we can safely say that the situation can make you sad only if you let it!

10. Anger and Resentment

Anger destroys from the inside out, so learn to put up with annoying people. This does not mean that you can allow others to take advantage of you, just do not lead these situations to a scandal. You just need to deal with the hatred, resentment, and pain that remains inside. Remember, the one who makes you angry controls you. Such feelings only harm you, not those to whom they are directed.

11. Wealth as the Most Essential Target

Many people live with the idea of becoming a millionaire. This is not a bad goal, but it will take a lot of work to achieve it. Don’t get too focused on large amounts of money. The main thing is to find a business that will be your passion and to fulfill yourself, then the money will appear in your life.

12. Thoughts About Your Exes

You broke up for a reason. Remembering your former love, think not about the person, but about the lessons that life has taught you. Don’t get hung up on feelings for someone who will never be with you. It will only ruin the new relationship and make you suffer.

Final Words

Probably, at first, the above tips may seem ineffective or useless. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the happiness of every person depends not so much on the circumstances but on the attitude of a particular person to them. Therefore, if you start working with yourself and will gradually get rid of the above habits, you will surely feel better and happier.

It’s easy to be happy, and you’ll understand this quite soon. What else do you think prevents you from enjoying life to the fullest and becomes an obstacle on the way to real boundless happiness?



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