12 Top Distinctive Dating Services to Find Like-Minded People


People are wired differently. Some love sports, others the national geographic channel, while others just enjoy tasting different types of delicacies. Whatever tickles your fancy, it’s always intriguing when you encounter other like-minded people who share the same interests. The beauty about joining a diverse online dating platform  is that you can make friends and even start dating amazing users who share your hobbies. Nonetheless, you can find more luck by joining a distinctive dating site that caters to a particular interest group.

12 Leading Distinctive Dating Platforms

The below listed online hubs can connect you with interesting singles sharing your passions:


This unique platform requires you to shoot a video about yourself instead of uploading a profile picture during registration. The video is deleted within 45 minutes and whoever makes your acquaintance before then can proceed to meet you.


First dates can be challenging when you are trying to break the ice with your crush and this app enables you to have another couple join you for a double date and spice things up.

Salad Match

It might be hard to tell which user shares your love for salad on a general dating site, but when you join SaladMatch, you can get to meet salad lovers at your favorite restaurant during your free time.


This is another outstanding platform where your profile is stored on your phone and not the site and only gets published for an hour when you are searching for a sexual partner near you. This means that you can’t be found when you don’t want to.


If you would like to rally up like-minded people for a sports activity like jogging or simply a coffee or lunch meeting, Yep! is your go-to platform. You simply activate a ticket that sees your application published for 30 mins and you can connect with those online at the time.

Gluten-Free Singles

Most times, friends and partners are the biggest distraction when you are trying to stick to a routine or a certain lifestyle. This site is perfect for anyone observing a rigid gluten-free diet and here you can get into a relationship with a like-minded partner.

Seeking Arrangement

As the name suggests, this site caters to those seeking an arrangement of a sponsor and a kept woman/man. You encounter lots of interested people here.


The next time you fly, you don’t have to battle loneliness in the clouds because this site pairs you with people traveling alongside you based on airline and flight number. You might get to meet your prince charming in the sky!


Although it’s very much possible to find a partner that shares your love for famous brands and luxury goods, you can refine your search by joining Luxy. When signing up, you have to indicate your favorite fashion houses and brands to match you with compatible partners.

Trek Passions

Do you love science fiction and discussing futuristic topics? If this is your thing, joining Trek Passions sets you on the path to finding a soulmate sharing your exact passions.

Tall Friends

The internet has almost everything that you can think of. Tall Friends caters to those seeking to meet people with above-average heights and here a lady can easily bump into her proverbial tall, dark, and handsome knight.

Equestrian Cupid

In this short life, one is allowed to dream and if you dream about cowboys and horseback riding, joining Equestrian Cupid exposes you to ideal cowboys and cowgirls.

Thanks to the internet, you can meet so many amazing singles and if you wish to refine your search even further, one of the above-listed sites is guaranteed to connect you to your soulmate.


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