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13 Tools to Improve a Website & Business

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The internet has made it easier for people to access information and start businesses. Even with the many advantages of the web, there is still a lot of work. Millions of websites still contain errors and other bugs that can make visitors leave in frustration. That’s why it’s essential to have quality tools to improve a website.

There are hundreds of tools available to improve a website. It all depends on what you will use them for and the people’s skills using them. Here are the best SEO tools to help you improve your website & business and rank higher on search engines:

1. Google analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps web admins analyze their homepages. It monitors traffic and SEO metrics like keyword ranking and links to pages on the site. Google Analytics can also be used to analyze social media figures.

2. Google search console

This tool helps you monitor a site’s ranking for potential improvements. You can see changes in rankings, your site’s domain authority, and other performance measures. You can also see what type of search queries people use to find your site.

3. Bing webmaster tools

This is a browser extension that can help you check the status of your pages. The quality score shows you where you need to aim to improve the page before moving on.

4. Photoshop

This tool is known for its photo editing capabilities, but you can also use it to create website designs. You will still need to code the page, but you can use Photoshop to create mockups that are easier to visualize.

5. Ahrefs

This tool is used for monitoring changes to a website’s backlinks. You can also use it to monitor keyword rankings and competitor analysis. It provides a unique link database that helps you find broken links and other issues on your site.

6. SEMrush

This content marketing tool can help you create new content or improve the existing one. It keeps you updated on which articles are performing best and provides competitive intelligence on your industry.

7. SpyFu

These tools provide competitive intelligence on businesses and competitors, including a breakdown of the actions of their users. It allows you to analyze search term trends, leading to new ideas for new page content.

8. Whitespark

This tool can help you run a local SEO audit. You can also see how much traffic your website gets from social media sources. It also provides a keyword difficulty score for each of your top keywords, which helps you identify problem areas.

9. Buzz stream

This is a tool for measuring the healthcare industry. It can help you research market data and identify which terms people are searching for to find your business and their conversion rates.

10. AdWords keyword tool

This tool displays what keywords are driving organic traffic to your site and how much they contribute to the overall traffic. The keyword difficulty score averages the competition of each keyword term, based on the 100 search terms that people type into Google when looking for it.

11. Google web designer

This webpage designing tool helps you visualize the page you have built. You can see how different design elements will affect the flow of visitors through your site. This tool will make your site more attractive to customers and increase conversion rates.

12. QuestionDB

This tool helps create FAQs for your website. You can choose from answers to common customer questions and topics or create new topics yourself. The tool will then identify which questions are the most frequently asked on the site and logically arrange them.

13. Live video streaming

A live video streaming platform is an online video solution that not only provides a way to communicate with customers, but it can also provide analytics through the usage of big data, such as what sports data feed providers do. These tools let you publish live videos that customers or followers of a business can view. Before starting a new channel, you must create some videos based on topics or channels that resonate with your target audience.

These tools can help you improve your website and website traffic. It is easier to collect data and get results on time with them. That will help you take action quickly to improve the business and positively impact your bottom line.


By Cheryl Roy

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