15 Rabbit Vibrators That Provide You Double the Sensation


The best rabbit vibrators frequently show up on sex toy bestseller lists today, but they first went mainstream when Charlotte on Sex and the City couldn’t get enough of hers in one memorable 1998 episode, staying in bed with her rabbit toy for days instead of going out with her friends. Granted, this plotline may have exaggerated the potential pleasures of a great rabbit vibe, but probably not by much!

What sets a rabbit vibrator apart from any other? 

For people with vaginas, rabbit vibes are versatile, dual stimulation toys that combine the external pleasures of a clitoral vibrator with the internal satisfaction of a vibrating dildo, adding additional G-spot satisfaction. The resulting sensation can be overwhelming in the best way.

They’re called “rabbits” because traditional shapes will have a longer tip for insertion into the vaginal canal plus a stubbier curved arm that sometimes has little rabbit ears for added cuteness. The shorter end is the one that strokes your clitoris (the highly sensitive sex organs which have an internal and external component on the vagina), while the longer end uses powerful vibrations to stimulate your G-spot: a patch of spongy tissue near the front of the upper vaginal wall, a few inches deep.

What makes for an all-star rabbit vibrator? 

First of all, make sure you’re getting one made from a body-safe material. “If you’re investing in a toy, you want to invest in something that’s actually going to last,” sex educator Cassandra Corrado says. Cheaper vibes are often made of materials like jelly and elastomer, which are porous, meaning that they’re less durable and also can’t be fully cleaned, making them a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Corrado recommends toys made of medical-grade silicone and/or ABS plastic. Vibrators made of those materials are “free of a lot of the ingredients and materials that make sex toys degrade really quickly,” she says, “so they’re going to have a long shelf life.”

Another important factor is flexibility. “The issue that I run into most often with dual-stim toys is that they are designed to hit two very specific locations on the body,” sex educator Bex Caputo says. For people with vaginas, those areas are the clitoris and the G-spot, “and those very specific locations exist at different points on everyone’s body.” 

The distance between your clit and your vaginal opening can dictate which rabbits will be most comfortable and pleasurable for you, but if you’d rather not bust out the measuring tape, it’s best to go with a vibrator that has a super-bendy external arm, so it can be positioned on your clit no matter how far it is from your vagina. Flexible external arms may also allow you to thrust the toy in and out without it losing contact with your clit.

The control panel of a rabbit vibe can also tell you a lot about how effective and pleasurable it’ll be. “I really like the ones where the internal and external parts can be controlled separately,” sex writer and sex toy reviewer Amy Norton says. “For example, I know some people who enjoy intense clitoral stimulation, but internally they don’t want something that powerful, or the other way around.” This functionality gives you much more control over your experience, so you’re not beholden to whatever vibration combinations a toy maker happened to program into their product.

Size and shape are also important considerations, according to Epiphora, a sex toy reviewer who’s tried hundreds of toys in her more than fourteen years in the business. “Do your best to estimate the size and length of the shaft for your body, considering the full shaft must be inserted to achieve clitoral stimulation,” she says. A toy won’t be able to make contact with your clitoris if its shaft is too long for you to insert comfortably, so it may be best to err on the side of a shorter shaft, unless you know you love deep penetration.

With those criteria in mind, here are some of the best rabbit vibrators available, as recommended by sex toy reviewers and sex educators, including myself. 

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