15 Wonderful Alarm Clocks That Make Waking Up Easier

15 Wonderful Alarm Clocks That Make Waking Up Easier

by Sue Jones
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If you live in 2021, you likely know that staring at your phone right before bed can mess with your sleep. In fact, experts recommend that you keep your phone far from your bed, which may be tough if you use a phone app to wake you in the morning. The solution might seem obvious: Use an actual alarm clock. With daylight saving time approaching (leading to upset sleep schedules), you have a good excuse to ditch your phone and to find the best alarm clocks for your needs. 

Maybe you’re a heavy sleeper who could sleep through an earthquake (and actually has), or maybe you’re a light sleeper who wakes up for the faintest breeze, a dim light in the dark, or the sound of a floorboard squeaking. No matter what type of sleeper you are, or how much sleep you should get, experts agree that choosing the right alarm clock is personal and very much dependent on you

Luckily, there are many different devices that wake you and tell time in a variety of ways. Some ring via classic bells, some mimic a soothing sunrise, and others literally shake your body awake. Many offer USB outlets, night-lights, dimmable displays, and all sorts of snooze settings. Below, we’ve gathered 15 best-selling alarm clocks, including analog, digital, and travel-size options. Whatever your preferences, there’s a timepiece for you.

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