16 Romance Books With Superhot Sex Scenes


Good romance books have many elements, but at least one dynamite sex scene is essential. Romance fans might be serious about getting their “happily ever after,” but we also need physical and emotional connection, built-up sexual tension, and explosive climaxes.

“I want all of my literary orgasms to be over the top, mind-blowingly transformative,” Ellie Mae MacGregor, a romance book reviewer, tells SELF. “I’m not here for ‘and then she came, the end’ sex.”

Then again, too many romances suffer from purple prose, that feeling that “you don’t even understand whether they’re coming or not before it’s over,” Martine R., a reviewer known as The Romance Loving Librarian, tells SELF.

Enter: the following 16 selections, which have clear, hot sex scenes that won’t leave you confused about what’s going on. In these romance books, you’ll read about kinky sex, threesomes, hate sex, intimate and loving sex, and sex between witches, werewolves, aliens, and of course, humans. Enjoy!

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