17 Holy Grail Supportive Sports Bras That SELF Editors Swear By


They pick us up when we’re down, hug us tight, and support us through every challenge. Yep, we’re talking about sports bras. When looking for supportive sports bras, there are a few things to keep in mind: First, consider the actual amount of support you need, which varies based on your activity and your breast size. Second, take note of the strap style (Pro tip: Bigger-busted folks should look for thicker straps) and how easy the bra is to pull on and off. For further guidance, glance over our sports bra buying guide. 

Once you’ve found a supportive sports bra that truly fits, you may be surprised by how much easier workouts become. Your boobs will no longer bounce, and you won’t be left adjusting your bra after every rep and dealing with persistent back pain. The best supportive sports bra is so comfortable you won’t feel like you’re wearing a bra at all.

Here at SELF, we spend a lot of time testing various fitness products and activewear (especially for awards). Below, we’ve rounded up some of our editor-approved supportive sports bras that are ideal for high-impact sports like running, low-impact activities like yoga, and everything in between.

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