19 Face Mask Chains That Look Cute and Keep Your Mask On


One of the most annoying aspects of wearing a cloth face mask is how frequently I find myself taking it on and off with nowhere convenient to put it. Whether I want a breath of fresh air or to rest my sore ears, I end up holding the sweat-soaked mask in my hand, letting it dangle, or—more often—throwing it nearby or into my bag, undoubtedly contaminating everything. For a while, I secured the mask around my head with a string, but constantly retying and transferring it between masks was a hassle, and ultimately I wound up not wearing my masks as much as I knew I should. Luckily, I found the perfect solution to my problems: face mask chains and lanyards.

I bought this stylish gold chain, and my God, where has it been this entire pandemic? This game-changing invention looks like a necklace and functions like an eyeglass chain (and as a bonus, most of them actually do convert into necklaces and eyewear chains). There’s a range of available options, from sleek metal and fun, beaded chains to washable fabric lanyards. There’s also a variety of fasteners, including clasps, clips, and snaps. Slip or clamp each end around your mask loops, and voilà, your mask rests on your chest like a pair of sunglasses when not in use. No more hassling about where to put it. No more lost masks.

This chain makes my life far easier and adds some flair to my outfits. Since my mask is now attached to my body, I end up wearing it more and touching it less—a win for us all. Plus, it’s a great useful gift. Below, I rounded up a selection of cute mask chains in a variety of styles so you can find one of your own (and maybe one for a friend too).

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