20 Blueberry Recipes to Make Before Summer Is Over

20 Blueberry Recipes to Make Before Summer Is Over

by Sue Jones
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In order to hit peak summer eating satisfaction, what you really need is a pint of perfectly ripe blueberries—and some killer blueberry recipes.

Preferably, ones that taste as amazing as a blueberry pie made from scratch, but way less complicated and time-consuming. Because fresh summer blueberries=mmmmm. Homemade pie made with fresh summer blueberries=MMMMMM! Going through the work of baking said pie=ummmmm? You might feel ambitious enough to do it once or twice each season, but that’s not nearly enough to truly feel like you’ve gotten your blueberry fill for the year. Not even close.

So what else is there? Basically, you’re looking for blueberry recipes that give you all the jammy summer deliciousness of a perfect pie for way less effort and stress. Think blueberry bars with press-in crusts, one-bowl blueberry crumbles, blueberry brownies, and two-ingredient blueberry ice cream.

But that’s not all, because blueberries clearly taste amazing in way more than just desserts. You can add them to smoothies, use them in salsa, and even cook them down to make a mesmerizingly purple syrup that turns seltzer into a no-alcohol cocktail legit worthy of a celebration.

And none of these recipes require mastering the art of perfectly flaky crust, or making sure your pie doesn’t end up with a soggy bottom. (Well, OK, we had to include one pie. If you’re up for a challenge, scroll to the bottom for a recipe that will teach you all those pie-making tricks and more.)

So whether you’re feeling a low-stress blueberry dessert, a breakfast idea for blueberries that goes beyond stirring them in your yogurt or oatmeal, or a way to turn your blueberry picking haul into something party-worthy, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 easy, eye-rollingly delicious blueberry recipes that’ll see you through the end of summer.

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