20 Peach Recipes That Are, Well, Pretty Peachy

20 Peach Recipes That Are, Well, Pretty Peachy

by Sue Jones
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In the last few weeks of summer, stone fruits are life. To make the most of this delicious, fleeting moment, you need some really solid peach recipes. Biting into a sun-ripened peach on a hot afternoon is a simple pleasure that really can’t be beat, sure. But at this very abundant time of year, why limit yourself?

Seriously. You need to be making peach galettes and popsicles. You need to be adding them to tomato salads and salsas and pancakes. You need to be skewering slices with savory meats. You need to be halving them, grilling them, and drizzling them with sweet, delicious cream.

Because you deserve the best. And before you know it, it’s going to be fall, and all of the in-season peaches will be gone—and they won’t be back for another 10 months. So in a few weeks, when you breathe a sigh of relief because you can finally put on a cardigan for the first time in three months, don’t you want to have the satisfaction of knowing you lived Peach Season 2021 to the fullest by making all of these amazing peach recipes? Plus, you’ll be that much more prepared to dive right back into peach season next year. Here are the peachy perfect recipes that will make it happen.

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