25 Breakfast Sandwich Recipes Worth Getting Out of Bed For


If you can’t get through your morning without craving a breakfast sammie, you’ve found your people. The good news: Thanks to these breakfast sandwich recipes, you can re-create your favorite on-the-go breakfast in your own kitchen. You’ll save money making these on your own versus buying them, sure, but you might also get a kick out of discovering the sandwich fillings that start your day in the best possible way.

Because it’s not all about bacon and eggs (although there’s plenty of both below—don’t worry). These 25 delicious breakfast sandwich recipes feature everything from granola to black beans, showing just how creative you can get with your breakfast recipes.

And if you’re the sort to hit snooze one too many times before you can haul yourself out of bed, there’s something here for you too. Many of these breakfast sandwiches can be prepared in advance and frozen, meaning it only takes a few minutes to preheat before you’re out the door.

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