3 Practical Tips for Planning a Camping Trip with Kids


Camping is an exhilarating outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. In fact, according to a recent study reported in the American Camper Report, adults with kids in their households have a higher outdoor participation rate compared to those without any children. 

For those who plan to camp out with their kids for the first time, here are three useful tips to make their camping adventure safe and enjoyable.

Decide On Your Campsite and Camping Style

If you do not know what campsite style to choose, search online for a campground website, such as Tentrr, and see the available options.

For those who want to enjoy outdoor activities with their kids, it’s best to choose a private campsite. Choosing this will save you the hassle of looking for a free space in a crowded public campground.

There are several available site types for private campsites. For instance, Tentrr offers a fully-equipped private campsite experience for campers. It includes conventional camping (where campers bring their tent and gear) and luxury glamping sites.

A crucial thing to check for when searching for a campsite is to check their availability in advance. Other factors to consider when looking for a campsite include:

  • Distance: Campers might have to factor in a campsite’s distance from their home, depending on their kids’ age. Younger children might require more attention so it would be better to go to a campsite that’s also close to home.
  • Activities: Campers must also check the kinds of activities available for adults with children to make sure that both parents and kids enjoy the camping trip. Take note that some sites may require a small fee for certain activities.
  • Amenities: From bathrooms to playgrounds, campers can choose campsites based on the amenities they offer. Pick a campground that has all the facilities that fit the family’s needs.
  • Campsite reviews: Checking the testimonies or reviews of past campers is a great way to determine the ideal campsite for the family. If someone left a nasty review, you should definitely avoid that particular campsite.

Aside from the different types of campsites, you can also choose whether you want your accommodations to be in a tent, cabin, or in an RV. If you choose the RV, you need to find a campsite that has adequate RV parking.

Start Planning Early

Popular campgrounds can be quickly filled up, especially during the school holidays. So you need to plan your trip ahead of time and start booking your preferred campsite.

Pack Appropriately

Campers should research the camping must-haves before a trip, especially stuff that your kids need. Examples of essential items for children include baby wipes, sunscreen, toys, and bug-repellent.

Campers can save a lot of money and avoid needless headaches by creating a checklist for all the necessary items to bring on the trip. A list will help you stay organized and prevent you from leaving important items at home, such as gears and a medical kit, especially if you’re with your children.

Planning a camping trip with your kids can be tiring, especially for first-timers. However, when planning is done right, campers can enjoy the whole process. You can organize the camping trip quickly and without the hassle, and get a valuable camping experience with your family.

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