37 Very Good Gifts For Dog Parents and Their Furry Children

37 Very Good Gifts For Dog Parents and Their Furry Children

by Sue Jones
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Hard-core dog parents are often just as loyal as the pups they adore. That’s why finding gifts for dog lovers that will truly hit can be tricky: In addition to basic daily needs—like food, water, attention, and walks—the most spoiled pups enjoy a bounty of the best toys, dog beds, and accessories, so the pressure is on to give them something that stands out. Of course, it’s absolutely worth that extra thought and effort when you remember that everything gets paid back in cuteness and cuddles.

If you know a dog devotee whose pup has their own Instagram, or has practically taken over their owner’s, chances are that when you’re considering a gift, you’re getting something for both of them. Below, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for dog lovers that both pup and parent will appreciate, whether you’re shopping for stylish pooches who like to make a fashion statement or adventure dogs who want to come along on hikes and swims. We’ve also included some time-savers and life changers for dog parents that will help with cleanup and separation anxiety (because if you know, you know). 

We recommend fetching your gifts sooner rather than later: Many retailers’ holiday shipping deadline is December 15, and the supply chain will reportedly continue to be a doggone mess as gifting season goes on. You wouldn’t want to leave your dog parent empty-pawed! And while you’re at it, don’t forget about your feline friends, either.

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