4 Effective Types of Content Marketing Videos for Businesses


4 Effective Types of Content Marketing Videos for Businesses


More and more businesses are starting to dip their toes into content marketing, as they begin to realize its value. If you’re doing the same then one area that you need to think about are the types of videos that will be effective for content marketing.


The goal behind the content marketing videos that you create should be to provide useful content that is educational and informative – and gradually convert viewers into customers. As you can imagine that requires a diverse range of videos, which is why you should consider several types in particular:


  • How-to guides and tutorials

Video guides are a very natural fit with content marketing seeing as they are inherently useful and informative, and will help viewers solve problems they may be facing. Ideally the guides you create should be evergreen and centered on common problems your target audience is likely to encounter.


In some cases this type of video can also indirectly demonstrate the product or service that you’re selling. It shouldn’t be done in a promotional way, but rather you could show it being used to solve a problem.


  • Expert interviews

Interviews have always been a popular type of content, and are great for content marketing because they can position your business as a thought leader. The topic of your interview should relate to your target audience, and its goal should be to provide them with insights that they can’t find elsewhere.


It should be noted that while face-to-face interviews can be challenging to arrange in terms of logistics, you could record expert interviews via a video call instead. All you need for that is a desktop recording software, and for example you could use Movavi Screen Capture Studio.


  • Company updates on social media

Creating short videos for company updates and posting them to social media is very effective for content marketing – whether it is news about recent developments, new products, or special promotions. It will let you expose viewers to your brand, keep them up to date, and let them know what makes your business stand out.


  • Behind-the-scenes brand videos

To start converting viewers into customers, you need to convince them of your brand’s worth – and behind-the-scenes brand videos are a great way to do that. Content such as workplace tours, employee interviews, or even sneak peeks into your work culture will provide viewers with an authentic view of the people behind your brand.


The goal of this content should be to showcase your brand’s values, vision, and what makes it unique.


Ideally you should try to create a number of videos from each of the options described above. When you do create a video, try to also figure out how you want to position it within your overall content marketing strategy.


Make no mistake it will take time for you to develop your content marketing strategy, but once it starts to bear fruit you will find that it is far more reliable than most other types of marketing.

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